SNL Trump Promos are out…..

Here’s a link. Not fancy for a blog, but all the links to video releases are crashing right now…

WHD: Crashed….

Keep adding your Trumpkins links here …


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19 responses to “SNL Trump Promos are out…..

  1. Really good collection, Denise! It’s going to be YUGE!!

  2. Is Hillary behind the Dump Trump SNL protesters and obscene kids’ video?

    Also, the “Ben Carson is a loser” in the SNL promo was scripted by the SNL writers.

    • AFVet

      The Dems are up against something that they haven’t been confronted with for eons.
      Donald Trump.
      Whether Hillary is behind it or not makes no difference to me.
      The ends justify the means right Hillary ?
      Carson has already shown that he isn’t afraid of Obama.
      Trump isn’t afraid of Obama either.
      Both of them have questioned why Obama’s records are sealed.
      The Obama tactics will continue to try to destroy anyone that offends him, or attempts to malign his regime.
      Woe be to those who attempt to.

      Obama, is walking a very thin line.

      Obama is afraid of them, and the conservative movement that is rising up in this Country.
      He dismisses them as a bunch of hacks and hillbillies.
      Your move Barry.

  3. #Trump2016 Endorsed by USAF Gen Chuck Yeager @TeamTrump_IL #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TeamTrump