Coming Soon !

A new Washington D.C. luxury hotel and quite possibly … Trump! Or both? (h/t Dora). Here’s few photos of this historic adventure that could quite possibly be the Grrreatest Hotel in D.C !


From Sept 2013 USA Today covers this artful deal:

Also, a history of the Old Post Office:

More information on rooms and reservations, it’s already been classified a 5-Star Hotel !


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36 responses to “Coming Soon !

  1. Reservations aren’t working yet for his DC hotel, but it’s still a nice peek at the rooms and amenities.

  2. Broadcast Alert !

  3. A shout out to …. The Washington Post ? Cool beans !

  4. Shout out to The Hill too. 😀

  5. As of 6 hours ago …

  6. I love that sign. Thanks for posting it. I had no idea it was so big! 🙂

    • lizzy

      I think the Donald was too restrained in this response. Billy dB is the back end of those Oh so tired carriage horses he is always trying to send to the glue factory. Go get him Donald!

  7. AFVet

    Damn right,….Gotta love this guy.
    Givem’ Hell Donald !

  8. That’s not the one I meant. It was supposed to come out like this:

  9. leslie

    This is such a fun thread, Denise! I love it. (and that is not an endorsement of Mr Trump or anyone else). It IS and endorsement of this thread, though. 😉

  10. WOW! 🙂

    • Quite an optic, I love it ❤

      Sorry you keep getting stuck in the pool filter, can't find a reason, but I'll always get you out as fast as I can!

  11. Right on Donald! 🙂