The Trump Bunch

This made me smile today.  The anti-Kardashians !  Off to look for more family photos to add to this thread, because …. happy!


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26 responses to “The Trump Bunch

  1. I saw this play on Broadway too! Spiderman, Turn Off the Dark was yuuuge !

  2. “Dad” ‘s Historical Marker

  3. With Mom and Dad circa 1964

  4. leslie

    They do look so happy. And except for the one with the “lion”, I love them all… 🙂

    • Some of the perks of blogho’ing, I am hand picking “my” favorites trying to avoid the tabloidy photos. 😀 The lion cracked me up, it’s so Trump, lol.

  5. creeper00

    Very nice, Denise. I enjoyed looking at them all. It’s easy to miss that side of the Donald.

  6. Not so yuuuge Donald 🙂

  7. gracepmc

    Great picks and pix. Lifts the spirit.

  8. I love the display. I’d like to add another one that I really like.

  9. Room for one more. 🙂

  10. Marla, DJT, Tiffany’s h.s. graduation (2012?)

  11. Donald Trump in the front.