Merry Christmas and Happy #WakeUpAmerica New Year – Trump Style

A totally sweet awesome sauce and spot on rant by my friend Bettyangelo over at the MOTUS community.


I woke this morning fully conscious of the edge of the knife on which we are balanced. Socialist countries have one party rule. They hold elections that mean nothing: the governed’s real life experience in what produces success, is in direct opposition to the governing body’s methods to produce success, which they never do – almost as if they never meant to.

The evidence was in last night’s debate: the democrat candidate’s methods sloppily applied lots of government to the problems without any realistic aim at solving the problems: a sort greasing up the public so they can continue to f*ck us sideways.

The republicans are more sly: they mouth our desired method to solve the problem, giving an appearance of opposition, butt end up in the long line with their own jar of Vaseline and the screwing continues. There is only one political party in the USA; right now in our lifetime we have become a socialist country.

There is one slim chance to turn us from the blade on which we sit, and I heard it in Trump’s speech yesterday in Iowa. He stood there describing the purchase of a skating rink in NYC. The city had wasted millions and spent years on the project, butt he finished the project for a fraction of the cost, in four months. Because he ‘s a citizen, one of the governed, like us and has learned to shoot straight when solving a problem, using methods that work quickly and efficiently. Who of us would spend 150k and take five years to redo the garage floor in a 120k house? We see the waste and fraud, believe the lies, and bitch a lot.

Socialism is here. We can only be saved if one of us rises up and using an assault weapon, mows down that conga line of literal f*ckers. Government must be dis-empowered by one of us, because politicians won’t.

We need a real asshole in the White House to bring lots of other assholes with him to gun down our country’s rapists, republicans and democrats both. Streamline government in the way a corporation is successful because it wastes not, and slaps down hindrances: don’t get wrapped around the axle about ISIS. Go in there and wipe them out in 48 hours, break their shit and kill them utterly. Because we have a country to rebuild, don’t get bogged down about illegal immigration and muslims: deport them screaming and crying.

Screw their feelings. And such an asshole wouldn’t even be breaking the law, he’d be implementing it!

I love Cruz. I don’t want him any longer as my president in 2016. He can be president in 2024. Right now I want an asshole. A ruthless, smart, successful son of a bitch who knows how to pick a mean team and doesn’t give a rat’s ass who he crushes on the way to the goal: rebuilding the USA. Somebody who will take two days and redo the garage floor for $200 bucks. Because when you want a job done right, you do it yourself.

Revolution time, kids. Hold on to your hats.


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15 responses to “Merry Christmas and Happy #WakeUpAmerica New Year – Trump Style

  1. Trump Tower decorations.

    • leslie

      Last Christmas was the first time there were NO decorations in the Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago. NONE. The previous years it resembeld the beautiful sights pictured at Trump Tower. There had been Trees, and Elves, and presents and holly and gold and green and purple and red and blue Ornaments – everywhere. Last year – nothing. It seemed odd that the shops in the main concourses were having many sales and specials but there seemed to be no reason for them because there was nothing to identify any holiday or event that inspired all those sales – except in the very back lower level concourse where there was a “holiday market” with different creative people selling their works – like they do at the local art fairs in the summers. No one entering the train center building (commercially identified as the Citicorp Building) from the main entrances even knew the market existed. I did because I used that back exit every day to get to the 3rd leg of my commute to work. It was lovely. I haven’t seen it this year as I retired in June. My guess is that the holiday market continued to exist during November and December and those using the front remained unaware. I also think the decorations are gone for good. I’m saddened by this change.

  2. Only The Donald could fix such a problem, both ladies WINNERS !

  3. Holy Crap ! This is Yuuuuge!

  4. I’m convinced now, a vote for Trump is a vote for a bloodless Revolution. Thanks Obama, you asshole, and your pretty little wife too. Whiners, stupid, stupid whiners. Ugh.

  5. gracepmc

    Brilliant bettyangelo. Thanks.

    It’s either a coronation and a Queen ruling a socialist America. Or a bloodless revolution restoring America. Count me in for the revolution.

  6. The famous escalator. 🙂

  7. Trump Family Christmas Photo

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