Feeling the Beat of the Trump Train, Get on Board!


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11 responses to “Feeling the Beat of the Trump Train, Get on Board!

  1. Keep on keeping on. Okay yeah, enjoy the rest of the holidays, brace yourselves for 2016! See ya’s on the other side of New Year’s 😀

    • Marcus

      And STILL, the chattering class, the “smart” set, the Establishment parrots, the bow tied Rinos, the Deep Insiders (so called), the political consultants of all stripes, the media know-it-alls,—none of them either understand or even want to figure out the Trump phenomenon. Too bad for them. They’re going to learn a big lesson in, oh, a little less than a year from now.

  2. Remember when Obama shut down the war memorials ? Heh…….

  3. AFVet

    Rock and Roll Trump, let’s do it.
    Time we took this Country back to where She should be.