So It Begins, The Real 2016, In a Matter of Moments

You decide ❤ Happy New Year, Trump style !


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40 responses to “So It Begins, The Real 2016, In a Matter of Moments

  1. AFVet

    Yep, we need to make America Great again.
    It will be hard to do, given the opposition that the liberals will be determined to throw out there to thwart any opposition to the effort of the conservatives and Patriots to take this Country back to what She was supposed to be.

    Our massive debt will need to be taken on by someone that has an ability to impact it.

    Our debt has been run up by dems and reps.
    Irresponsible spending by a congress that appreciates your vote but ignores you once in office

    Time for a change,..No ?
    I think Yes.

  2. AFVet

    I don’t use Chrome.
    And I did see the American Thinker article.and passed it on.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.
    God Bless Denise. 🙂

  3. NYE has a special meaning to me, in 2004/05, I completed my NYC Bucket List and took Special Greg to Times Square for the Ball Drop. We had already done the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade thing, and their 4th of July…TS Ball Drop sucked bigger tittie balls than the previous two experiences. Glad we did it, so I never have to do it again. Moral of this story? You all must do all three events to really appreciate how great your life is. Seriously ❤

  4. Does anyone know what the Clinton Foundation does? Other than take money from countries who abuse, christians, women, gays and children?

  5. Good Morning my fellow Radicals ! Geeesh, they know Trump doesn’t fear the media, so they attack his supporters !!

  6. LOL. What? They don’t want America to be great again? Seriously thinking how dangerous our world would become if Hillary’s Obama’s third term.

  7. Good !

  8. leslie

    Happy New Year!!!
    2016 is full of hope and change – the good kind.

  9. I think this is going to hurt Rubio more. Can’t wait for Trump’s response!

  10. AFVet

    Ted Nugent on Trump.

    • CiscoKid

      WOW. Absolutely spot on. I’m stunned how Ted nails it, each and every word.
      Crowbar? Ya’ darned right.

  11. LOLOLOL, and he didn’t disappoint 😉

    • Whoosh, it’s that idiot Borowitz trying to be funny, I’m going to leave it here, because I think it just may backfire on the New Yorker. I hope.

  12. CiscoKid

    Did I make it? I’ll soon find out.