2016 Kicks Off with Trump’s First Ad

Now trending on Twitter and it hasn’t even been offcially released yet. If you like Trump, you’ll love the video. If you hate Trump, you’ll love to hate him even more 😉

Especially if you work for the Washington Post, you can even use a racial slur in your opinion headline ….


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35 responses to “2016 Kicks Off with Trump’s First Ad

  1. AFVet

    Here’s a montage put together by a fan.

  2. She so brave. (gigglesnort) Probably another plant, so she could smack ’em down and look “presidential”.

  3. Going on now, another record crowd in MA 🙂

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  5. AFVet

    Sit back and listen to a beautiful voice and a great message.

  6. AFVet

    Sage advise from this man.

  7. AFVet

    So it seems that the Trump supporters are gaining momentum.
    He has given us a new spirit, a new desire to make this Country great again.
    Let’s do this.
    In the mean time, dance.

  8. Good link for political wonks, lots of charts and a smart discussion.