Dict or Dick Tator? I’ll Take the Trump Card

Looks like Harlem, NYC will too 🙂 Good on Pastor Manning…


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36 responses to “Dict or Dick Tator? I’ll Take the Trump Card

  1. Filmed live on Broadway, How do you measure a year ?

  2. I loved watching the Pastor Manning endorsement. Thanks for posting.

  3. More about that “peaceful” muslim protestor at the Rock Hill Trump rally:

  4. Sunday, Jan 10 event Reno, NV

  5. CiscoKid

    Wow. What a bombshell. Give em’ hell Pastor.

  6. AFVet

    Thanks for the forum Denise. 😀

  7. Hmmmm?

  8. A friend of the Trumpkins, Keith Koffler on Fox Business this morning … great discussion on how really smart DJT is ❤


  9. Whoa!

  10. AFVet

    Gotta Love these little ladies.