Because this is not a normal election season. (graphic inspired by votermom!)


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  1. I do like/love all the candidates on the left and right this season, this is definitely not a normal election season in my lifetime.

  2. Best Blog to follow, totally, for Political and News Nerds, especially for recovering Dems 😉

  3. Anonymous


    I love it!!!

  4. via

    The Five Stages of GOPe Grief:
    1. Denial — Trump isn’t a serious candidate.
    2. Anger — Trump is screwing everything up!
    3. Bargaining — Let’s shift our support to one of our other candidates.
    4. Depression — We blew $100 million dollars on Jeb!
    5. Let’s Make America Great Again!

    • AFVet

      Very nice.
      After 500+ days they are coming back.

      Some people say that Trump is rude and crude, but if this is any indication of what he will do as CIC, I’ll take it.
      The ROE that this administration has strapped our Armed Forces with has George Patton spinning in his grave.
      Take the gloves off and let them fight, or don’t engage with an enemy that has no ROE.

  5. AFVet

    Beware the Cruz missile.

  6. AFVet

    Trump is still trumpeting the same message.
    This is from 2012.

  7. AFVet

    Jerry Falwell Jr. likes the Trumpster.

  8. AFVet

    Stump for Trump.

  9. Love this … such positive energy coming from the Trump supporters 😀

  10. I bet this is our Keith Koffler ? Wish “Lifezette” would add discussions…..