It’s not an Election, It’s a Revolution


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29 responses to “It’s not an Election, It’s a Revolution

  1. Here’s another site that fact checks the anti-Trump media also….though I don’t like the rabid anti-Cruz commenters, not helping.

  2. About that little old lady in Atlantic City …..

  3. Hmmmm?

    • CiscoKid

      Your vote in this election will be the most important one ever in American history. The consequences of not voting are grim.

  4. Good read ….

  5. Hmmm? More powerful than Sarah?

  6. This made me hungry ….. Trumpburger !

  7. Ticket info for upcoming week:

  8. AFVet

    Here’s the c-span link to Trump’s rally for the Veterans.
    It’s 1 hour long but it is good.

  9. AFVet

    Great video.

  10. AFVet

    This is funny !

    • AFVet, so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom {{{hugs}}}. I’m behind reading the other bloggies, though did run into a lovely tribute to you over at MOTUS a few days ago. ❤

  11. AFVet

    Good interview w/Cooper.

  12. Let Trump be Trump!