2/20/16 South Carolina/Nevada Watch Parties

Last thread was getting full, so here’s whassup for the weekend. Saturday Night results should be at this link.


Will update … 🙂


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92 responses to “2/20/16 South Carolina/Nevada Watch Parties

  1. That is, I’ll update when new links are available for updating. 🙂

  2. In the meantime, enjoy…

  3. Polls Open in SC !

  4. AFVet

    Interesting tactics being deployed.

    • That should motivate the Trump supporters more than it helps Cruz. They’ll smell the dirty tricks in the media. Like waving raw meat in front of a pride of lions 😀

    • CiscoKid

      Great catch AFV. I’ll add that the Trump supporters in my neck of the woods don’t believe ANYTHING the msm says negatively about Trumph.
      They actually laugh at them. They are in it for the long haul.

  5. 😀

  6. Hope he’s right !

  7. As of 4 hours ago …. latest poll, now all that’s left is counting the votes !

  8. mothy67

    Nice place.

  9. While watching the Nevada returns (Hillary just declared the winner by only 5 points) I kept thinking what difference, at this point, does it make she’ll get all the delegates anyhow.

    GOP NV caucuses are Tuesday. How convenient for the establishment duopoly party to shift these voters to their annointed one. (Which would be Jeb! if he stays in).

    • AFVet

      I don’t think Jeb! has a chance.
      The republican vote is more like a closed ballot.
      Trump has the advantage out there.
      Cruz and Beck are going to be on the scene to be sure to defeat Trump.
      We will see.

  10. CiscoKid

    Big thanks for the links, DVB, AFV and LYN!
    ” I love the smell of naplam in SC ” Take that fake pollster’s

    • CiscoKid

      I always offered Pancho some of my whiskey, but he preferred wine.
      But we both agree on Trump, sa’lute!

    • lyn

      That’s the real wall Trump has to get over!

    • I see Romney’s endorsing Rubio. Bwahhahhha. I like Mitt, but he was the last GOPe pick loser. A potted plant should have beat Obama in 2012.

      • lyn

        I thought Rubio jumped the gun on that one. Some are saying the brokered convention could go for Romney/Rubio. Shouldn’t Trump be on the ticket?! Did you read AFVet’s links. They are very informative.

    • Great read ! I liked this part:

      As Steve Cuozzo has written in the New York Post, long before The Donald considered running for president, he had already helped save New York City by being “New York’s most important and bravest real-estate developer.”

  11. Sundance at The Last Refuge and Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit are very Trump friendly. ❤

  12. If you’re on twitter, Dan is must follow !!!!

  13. And, we’re off again (where does he get his energy!). GOP Nevada Caucus is Tuesday.

  14. AFVet

    Trump rally in Georgia.

  15. AFVet

    This is amazing.

  16. Trump’s got great improv skills ! Probably preventing a panic too.

  17. AFVet

    Meet Donald Trump Jr.

  18. AFVet

    Here’s why they hate Trump.

  19. AFVet

    And here’s a nice follow up to the above video.

  20. lyn

    Does anyone else think that Trump didn’t expect to do so well this early?

  21. ?ref_src=twsrctfw

  22. Lots of yuuuge turnouts reported from Nevada, hope this bodes well for Trump!!

  23. Just wow !

    • Lots of butthurt on Morning Joe this morning lol. Great news to wake up to – was working til 3am and just passed out without checking.

      Interesting that one vile pig on CNN said “Well, it was only a 23 point win, and that will change when the field winnows down”. and then went on to say “if Trump would just step down, it would mean a decisive win for Rubio or Cruz!”

      I laughed. The cat laughed. The other cat laughed. We’re all still snickering….

  24. AFVet

    May I submit what could be an elegant First Lady.

    As opposed to this: