March 1 is Super Tuesday Edition

As of this posting, Trump leads in all the states and the Trump Must Be Destroyed by the establishment parties and their hacks continue. I just don’t understand the Trump Hate.

Yesterday I attended the Regent University forum with The Donald and Pat Robertson. Not a rally, but an adult conversation. Today the media’s click bait take? Trump hints at VP Pick. That was about 30 seconds of the whole interview, and out of context of course.

Spoiler: Trump wants a qualified and GREAT politician to help him ram Congress πŸ™‚ Nothing more, nothing less.

Here’s the CBN video, since most others are heavily edited and left off the surprise intro and appearance of his sons! They are rock stars in their own right πŸ˜€ Enjoy….


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85 responses to “March 1 is Super Tuesday Edition

  1. lyn

    I also don’t understand the Trump hate and why those haters are so obsessed with him.

  2. lyn

  3. Is this the same Rubio we’re told is the only candidate than can defeat Hillary in the General ? LOL !

  4. I like these stats, of course, US media is ignoring this story πŸ˜€

  5. “Combat” veterans, mind you πŸ™‚

    • CiscoKid

      In one of Donald’s speeches he noted that illegals get health care almost automatically, along with other benefits upon entering the US.
      health care for Vet’s at VA? They get put on a waiting list.
      A national shame courtsey of a corrupt VA administration.

  6. Oh noes, Piers is a lefty, must be proof that DJT is too, LOL.

  7. AFVet

    Thanks for the vid Denise.
    His Sons are impressive.
    I like how he says that he has given his children control over his company while he does more important things.

    • I do enjoy watching the live streams of his rallies and try to wonder what the click bait headlines with be on twitter and fb media the next day. Often very wrong and out of context. And it seems his opponents and critics feed off of them. Just easier to call his fans and supporters stupid, I guess πŸ˜‰

      This was going to start out as a trip report until I found the entire video of the event. Then I read the coverage, and Trump’s right the media is stupid!

      I’ll be glad when we can get Super Tuesday past us. Hope my liver holds up… LOL.

      • AFVet

        Super Tuesday is important, but on March 15, Ohio and Florida chimes in.
        That is Kasich and Rubio.
        Two big states.
        We will see.

  8. CiscoKid

    Let’s get er’ done people! Lock n’ load

  9. CiscoKid

    Once again, listening to the interview closely, Donald talks about what WE will do to make America strong and great again,I didn’t hear the word I once.
    I understand the “we” now more clearly now.
    It’s going to take everyone’s effort to be successful in this mission.
    And double the effort to make up for the slackers.
    Roll up your sleeves, its going to be a lot of hard work.

    • AFVet

      Just watch March 1st, and then March 15th.
      If Trump wins those two elections, it’s over.

      • I hope so πŸ˜‰ So tired of feces throwing monkeys from both parties and the media/bloggers. The T-Man is cutting to the chase. We know he’ll go back to his day job if he doesn’t get the GOP nom. πŸ˜‰

  10. This is the only analysis of last night’s debate you need to read, Keith Koffler gets it πŸ™‚

  11. On to Super Tuesday !

  12. lyn

    “Donald Trump wants to Make America Great Again, but Reince Priebus is standing in the way of that. Reince Priebus is allowing representatives of the official Republican Party to stand in Trump’s way. Reince wants his old college pal Rubio to head to the White House.”

  13. Dallas/Fort Worth this morning.

  14. Live stream for Fort Worth

  15. Come join the Christie endorsement celebration with my other blog family:

    If you can post here, you can post there πŸ™‚ Too many “Debbie Downers” over at WHD 😦 I just don’t understand the Trump Hate, but ever since Keith hooked up with Laura Ingraham, I think many troll operatives are monitoring his blog. Star and Car and other regulars don’t bother me, but I do wish they’d “get it”.

  16. I wanted to share this photo of Trump as a young man.. Pretty nice to look at. πŸ™‚

  17. AFVet

    Senator Jeff Sessions just endorsed Trump at his Alabama rally.
    It was great, Sessions reached into his back pocket and pulled out a “Make America Great Again” hat and put it on.
    The crowd, 30,000 people, roared.

  18. Taking a deep breath for Super Tuesday, hope this translates πŸ™‚

  19. BOOM !

  20. lyn

    I love this safe Trump space! Thank you, Denise.

  21. CiscoKid

    Super Tuesday.
    I don’t know about you folks, but waiting for the results tonight I feel like a 10 year old on Christmas Eve.
    DJT 2016!

  22. AFVet

    Fantastic Trump montage,….enjoy !

    • CiscoKid

      The clip of the Sanders rally was incredible!
      He just cowered as his rally was highjacked. WTF?
      My God Bernie, man the hell up, sheesh!

      • AFVet

        Notice how the girl was pushing against the man while yelling at him.
        It shows a total disrespect for people’s freedom of speech

  23. AFVet

    Not since Ronald Reagan have I felt this much confidence in someone that has the desire to put this Country back together again.

    I don’t care about his history as the MSM is ready in the wings to try to destroy him.
    I want someone in there that is going to kick ass and take names.

    The RNC is going to do anything they can to destroy him.
    Screw them.
    Trump is speaking for the American People who are sick and tired of lying politicians.

    Rubio and Cruz can pound sand.
    Both have been on the government dole their whole lives.
    Neither have accomplished anything near what Trump has done in his life.

    Please spare me the rhetoric of this Country needs a true conservative.
    “True conservatives” ran up a 19 trillion $ debt while bowing to the democrats to “get things done”.
    “True conservatives” gave Obama whatever he wanted in the last Omnibus bill.

    They aren’t conservatives, they are charlatans.

    Time for US to take this Country back.

    • CiscoKid

      Your last paragraph sums it up pretty damn well.
      Letting the Omnibus pass made me wash my hands of the current Republicans.

    • lyn

      Great comment!

    • SnarkEsq.

      I love this post, AFV. Very well said. I couldn’t agree more

      I’m totally dumbfounded as to what some people see in little Marco that make them think he’d be a good POTUS. I wish Trump would talk more about how Rubio collects his generous salary while he’s essentially quit his job for the final two years of the six. Only in the world of government do we have highly paid no show jobs. Plus, he takes the $10,000 cash to pay his share of his health insurance premiums. Must be nice.

      Also, not only does he skip important votes, but he is totally CLUELESS as to what is even going on in Congress. He’s been campaigning on ending the ban on exporting oil without even realizing that the ban was lifted in early December in the Omnibus bill he skipped the vote on. Even his Senate office and campaign people are too clueless to update him on one of his campaign issues? WHY do people think he’s intelligent?? He is in no way qualified to be POTUS :

  24. SnarkEsq.

    Hi Denise and everyone. I popped over here from WHD to enjoy today’s multiple Trump victories with you all. I can’t stand little Marco and I hope he doesn’t win a single primary tonight! In fact, I hope he does much worse then predicted and ends up a distant third, (or worse), in most races. He’s a lying, slimy, fast-talking professional politician who I don’t trust at all. Even worse, he’s incredibly arrogant for someone who hasn’t even won a single primary yet. I want to see him slapped down tonight! #GoTrump!


    Thanks, I feel better now)


    • SnarkEsq.


    • CiscoKid

      We’ll all be feeling better at the end of tonight.

    • AFVet

      Nice rant Snark.
      Stick around , this blog is the go to place for the Trumpsters.

    • Hey Snark, thanks for dropping by. Polls close in VA in about 40 minutes, now hoping mine and dh’s 2 votes for Trump will count towards a yuge win for him. I have a good feeling about this πŸ˜€

      • SnarkEsq.

        Hi Denise, thanks for letting me join in somewhere I can let my #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreat Again flag fly.

        I’m nervous as hell at the moment about VA. Northern VA, which supposedly goes for Rubio, hasn’t come in yet. It’s currently Trump 38 – Rubio 31 with only 25% of the vote counted. I REALLY do not want that little snot Marco to win a flipping thing tonight!

  25. Looking good for Trump in Texas πŸ˜€

  26. Also tonight ….

  27. SnarkEsq.

    I’m new here, so forgive me if this is already common knowledge – Breitbart has a daily live thread that covers all the election developments, (articles, polls, rallies, tweets, etc.), every day. Here’s today’s (refresh periodically for updates):

  28. SnarkEsq.

    VA called for TRUMP!! ~ 37-30

    Idiot Megyn Kelly called that as “close” for Rubio. Now Rove is spinning the delegate count for little Marco. Click…bye bye Fox, my blood pressure can’t take you people

  29. SnarkEsq.

    Unbelievabe. Trump has a presser scheduled for 9 pm so snotty little Marco comes out at 9 pm. What a jerk this guy is. LOSER

    • SnarkEsq.

      My freaking head is exploding . I despise this a-hole! He immediately began to diss Trump yet again: “Unmasked the con artist… party of Lincoln and Reagan…con artist…etc…

      He better lose Florida BIG time.

  30. You’re welcome ! πŸ˜€

  31. AZ River Rat

    Liked Trump’s speech. He was gracious in his victory. Very presidential. Then I heard Cruz’s and was dismayed at the vitriol. USA needs Trump!

  32. AFVet

    Meet the T Bird, Trumps plane and the people that make it happen.
    This video also gave me some insight on how he would govern.
    He’s a very demanding individual.