March is a Super Tuesday All Month!

There are 14 (D) and (R) primaries and caucuses between now and the next BIG day on March 15 for the next YUGE delegate grab in FL, IL, MO, NC and OH.

Tonight’s the Fox GOP debate and Mittens is giving a speech or something about How To Win A Presidential Election? Craziest primary season ever, I love it !


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  1. Handy guide:

  2. CPAC starts today, the complete schedule:

    Click to access CPAC-Full-Agenda3.1.pdf

    Wonder if Keith is going to be there ?

  3. AFVet

    Live stream of Trump speaking in Maine starts at 1:30 ET over here.

  4. AFVet

    Well, well, well, what have we here ?
    Could it be possibly a charlatan, a plant by the RNC ?
    Say it ain’t so.

  5. Never gets old ….

  6. I won’t be attending as a delegate, but I may go to protest if they mess with the will of the people !

  7. Had to share:

    “…In other news, 2016 GOPe favorite and Boy King begins his charm offensive, contrasting Donald J. Trump’s non-presidential demeanor with his own more refined tone. Back to you, Bob…”

  8. OMG, I’ve agreed with Geraldo on something ! Good rant…..

  9. A great rally. Noisy too. 🙂

  10. Is the NYT starting to “get it” ? 😀

  11. Today !!!!!

  12. Whoa!

    • CiscoKid

      And the msm STILL refuses to show the size of Trump’s supporters.
      That’s ok, we’ll show how big we are election day.

    • CiscoKid

      So the Democrat’s have released their Brownshirts to disrupt Trump rallies.
      Don’t be surprised Ali when the Democrats double their thug tactics.
      Has anyone ever wondered why Republican supporters don’t resort to thug behavior?

  13. Whoa, Part 2 ! Trump should have run in 2012 ….

  14. Doesn’t he just look the part? I love these photos. 🙂

  15. Hope this translates to votes, fingers double-crossed 😀

  16. Orlando crowd fired up waiting for Trump !

  17. Orlando Live Stream …

    • AFVet

      Thanks Denise for showing the rally.
      He is 69 years old and I admire his stamina.
      I am 64 and I don’t think I could keep his pace up for as long as he has done it.
      I think he truly believes in America and what he can do for Her.

  18. This lady rocks my world !

  19. This guy gets it too. **Language Warning for Sensitive Snowflakes**

  20. AFVet

    We the People are Speaking.
    Listen to US.

  21. AFVet

    We all know that voter fraud has been rampant in the past.
    Evidently it is still continuing.
    Take this for what it’s worth but beware the nefarious tactics.

  22. AFVet

    And then this.

  23. Good read and a lovely smack upside Mitt’s head 😀

    • lyn

      I judge the man based on his children, and Trump’s children are awesome.
      Please go home, Mitt; 2016 called and your number was disconnected.

  24. AFVet

    Nancy is now with Ron for eternity.
    Ronald Reagan was a great leader.
    This Country needs a great leader again.

  25. Concord, NC livestream link:

  26. Ha! Drudge right now.

  27. AFVet

    Take a listen to this.

    • CiscoKid

      One of the finest editorials ever!
      That is the question that should be on everyone’s mind, why the hell is the GOP attacking Trump and making it a campaign issue when the attack should be against the Dem’s, Obama, Hillary & Sanders.
      But he gave the answer, they don’t want to lose power.

      • AFVet

        Rush said the same thing today on his radio program.

        • CiscoKid

          I was using the thoughts of Wayne, no way could I improve on that.
          I missed Rush today because I thought his stand-in from Monday would be there all week. Good to know Rush is back.

    • lyn

      Power before country is the name of the GOPe’s game. Traitors!

  28. lyn

    Diamond & Silk posted this today.

  29. Finished up a few minutes ago. What a crowd! Wow!

  30. Trump is +20 over Rubio in FL. I’m expecting the media polls with make that tighter before the 15th, gotta have the drama.

  31. D’oh, I’m so stupid. Thanks Ted.

  32. Gotta love the vintage ads ….

  33. AFVet

    Wayne Allen Root.

  34. AFVet

    And here’s the judge on the Clinton e-mails.

  35. lyn

  36. AFVet

    This is why we need Trump.

  37. AFVet

    Here’s the press conference with Dr. Ben Carson’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

  38. In St. Louis now… made me dizzy, so did the number of people in line….

  39. lyn

    Touching … DEDICATION: A U.S. Army soldier in dress blues stood watch over the casket of former First Lady Nancy Reagan in the pouring rain. Several servicemen and servicewomen paid their respects.