Whew, What a Night ~ Chicago Rally Edition

h/t Dora for finding this tweet. It captured the mood of Trump supporters on social media last night, as well as hundreds of Cruz, Rubio and Kasich supporters switching to Trump as well as the “undecideds” jumping aboard the #TrumpTrain .


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40 responses to “Whew, What a Night ~ Chicago Rally Edition

  1. CiscoKid

    That was not a “protest” last night in Chicago, it was mob action.
    Police suffered injury’s, some requiring stitches.
    The mob then went thru the parking lot breaking out windows and damaging cars that had Trump stickers. Pictures over at SecoundCityCop.
    And I see that the propaganda corp, aka, msm is trying to put the blame on Trump. In -f*****g-credable!
    Attacks by the Dem’s Brownshirts are only going to increase.

    • Soros’ MoveOn.org are anarchists who are supporting Bernie. This was professionally organized and it stinks. Trump keeps on keeping on !

  2. LOL, love the snark …

    • CiscoKid

      Correct NickG. In fact so peaceful & nonviolent that the current body count is;
      Week in progress 3/6 – 3/12
      Shot & killed:10
      Shot & wounded: 54
      Total shot: 64
      Total homicides: 11
      Potential tourist come at your own risk.
      Chiraq…love it! Nice logo too.

  3. Nice !

  4. lyn

    Today I blocked my first FB “friend” who loved what happened in Chicago.

    • leslie

      Good for you. I left FB when I realized people were there pushing Obama down my throat and wouldn’t give me the respect to listen to my thoughts. I figured I didn’t have the time or inclination to spend my free time, after working 9-10 hours/day at an incredibly stressful job, arguing or being bullied. I never looked back. 😉

      • lyn

        I mix politics and cats on FB, and usually Swannie and Anthony are the only ones who respond to the political stuff that I post.

        • I’m very boring on FB, but always love when you guys drop by 😉 Not there that much anymore, even Acebook (secret group) went the full #HateTrump, so not there much either.

        • Anthony

          I get you, Swannie and Proud Military Mom and occasionally McNorman drops by. Nobody else has the balls lol

  5. 😀

  6. lyn

    Cruz, Rubio and Kasich became Democrats on Friday. What were they thinking?!

  7. AFVet

    Sarah is back, God Bless her.

  8. AFVet

    Here’s a bit of history on how the radical liberals treat conservative candidates.

    • CiscoKid

      EXCELLENT! He left out the shoe thrown at Bush, but still a good summary of the lefts timeless tactics, used over and over.