Team Trump Smash(tm)

As featured at the shiny new GO Trump Facebook page. The greatest Facebook page ever !! 😉

Some of us Trumpsters at The Crawdad Hole have started a public Trump fan and support page over on Facebook. If you play on FB, by all means *like* us and share with your FB friends!

The above shirt is designed and sold by TCH’s votermom for her kids’ college funds. She has other super cool Trumptastic stuff too.

As the 2016 race gets uglier against Mr. Trump we look to keep building more supportive communities to freely and openly support him without being pecked to death by ducks 😀

The latest news ! Again, Trump Smash !


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40 responses to “Team Trump Smash(tm)

  1. Never gets old. I just can’t imagine this election cycle without Trump at this point. He inspires, never tires, always happy.

  2. I love my twitter friends too.

  3. AFVet

    Millions of the people have Trumps back.
    People that have been disenfranchised in the past through voter fraud and corrupt voting machines and disingenuous tactics that are designed to manipulate the outcome.
    A brokered convention isn’t going to make it.
    The elite GOP think they can manipulate this election.
    If they do, there will be hell to pay.
    We are on to you.

    Mr. Trump,….we got your 6.
    Go for it !

  4. lyn

    How would we riot? Asking for a friend. 😉

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  6. Don’t miss this excellent post over at TCH about what’s creating all the Hate Trump movement whiny crybullies.

  7. Up next …

  8. AFVet

    Now then,….what do we have here ?
    Possibly Trump’s expertise in engaging people that he holds in regard as far as their knowledge.

    • CiscoKid

      Excellent catch, AVet!
      I think we all, Trump supporter’s, know that he’s not sitting on his ass, or just attending rally’s.
      Session’s is a great choice, imo,. Trump knows where the talent is, and he shows it by picking Sen. Sessions
      Trump will continue to pick the ” best and brightest “.

  9. lyn

    Angie posted this at TCH.

    “As Trump thumped neocon darling Rubio in Florida, driving him out of the race, it is becoming clearer that the Donald will dismantle the establishment’s Big Tent and erect one of his own, into which will flow scruffy working-class Dems, independents, and middle-class minorities and out of which will go bow-tied interventionists and Romneyite RINOs.”
    “The intensity of the rhetoric from the Left against Trump is a tacit acknowledgment of his threat to it. Publicly, Clintonistas are saying “they look forward to running against Trump.” Privately, they are running around with their hair on fire. They know that he can steal Hillary’s march, as evident in his strong turnout across the country, from Florida to Illinois to Nevada. He is getting big crowds all over the place, and many of these newly engaged political animals are non-Republicans.”

    • Good read ! Since there’s little difference between the parties, I like to think Trump’s supporters are red-blooded Americans sick and tired of the status quo. Like me 🙂

  10. AFVet

    Here comes the Judge.
    I love this lady.

  11. AFVet

    Here they are again.
    Diamond and Silk.

    • God love them ❤ DJT has quite a few respected black Americans on his team, how they even think he's a racist ? Just cheap smears Obama liked to throw around in '08 and '12. More people need to listen to these ladies!

      • AFVet

        I love how they trashed Kasich.
        I told ya.
        Have you seen the confetti shower he gave himself just because he won one state ?
        D & S are right, he is delusional.

    • Obama’s the worst President in my lifetime, as is, Trump is the most successful Main Street businessman. I’ve wanted Donald to run for President since 1988. I do think he’s been planning his 2016 run since Romney and the Repubs blew it in 2012 when a potted plant should have beaten Obama. Romney has deserved everything Trump is throwing at him now.

  12. Anyone else having trouble getting on Keith’s site this morning ? I keep getting this message:

    Maybe he’s cleaning out the dungeon? 😛

    • lyn

      LOL. Make America Work Again. I still have my tie-dyed colored hardhat from a job in the early 2000s. I was an office worker on a construction site.

    • CiscoKid

      That’s why the left is out to destroy those freedom’s and Trump.
      I believe this election will be the final power grab by the Democrat’s and the left, although not much difference between them.

  13. AFVet

    Oh my, could it be that the left has finally met their match ?