All Things Considered, We’re Not Doing That Bad….

Amazing, isn’t it? Keep up the good fight, our country is worth it 🙂

(h/t Angie, The Crawdad Hole )

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  1. The post card campaign is going well …

  2. Inspiring video from a remarkable youth. There is hope afterall ❤

  3. Everybody hates the media right now, all news channels are unwatchable and print media is unreadable. Don’t get me started on the Late Night shows, which haven’t been funny in years.

  4. From Donald’s latest supporter, if you’re on twitter, her timeline is hysterical beating off the haters 😀

  5. The wheels are in motion ! Stop the Steal !!!

    • As he’s done since he entered the race, Trump owns the narrative.
      The GOPe has 2 choices right now:
      1. Trump is the nominee
      2. GOPe steals the nomination from Trump.
      Trump’s playing “our betters” like a fiddle.

      • You always make me feel better about this election 🙂 I’m hanging on to the hope this is ALL Kabuki theater, Trump WILL be the nominee, there will be NO brokered convention, Cruz will be VP on ticket, worlds WILL come together again. /pollyanna

        Everything Trump seems to be hitting Cruz with is in the Dem arsenal for the general anyhow, so DJT is neutering the Dems more than Cruz.

        • Cruz as VP? How does he help the ticket? Trump outperformed him in the South (which was supposed to be Cruz’s “path to the nomination”). Cruz beat Trump in his home state TX (with less than 50%) and in lily-white states (less than 8% black population). Trump needs someone, IMO, with more governing experience — first term Senator doesn’t help there either. As much of a drip as I think Kasich is a better pick — at least he has years of experience plus he brings in OH.

  6. AFVet

    It ain’t over till it’s over,….—Yogy Berra.

    • CiscoKid

      For sure AVet.
      Yogi Berra, the only player in MLB history to appear in fourteen World Series and ten World Series Championships.
      And yes I am a NY Yankee fan.

      • AFVet

        I misspelled his name, it should be Yogi, however, I don’t think he would mind.
        Another bit of advice he had was,”If you come to the fork in the road take it”, on giving directions to his house.

      • Go Yankees ! I’m a Mets fan too and was lucky to grab tix to a Subway Series one year between the two teams, rooting for both teams, priceless.

  7. AFVet

    Nice montage.

  8. mothy67

    I think you should start a super pac to take down, mitch, ryan, wretched penis, rubio, cruz et al. I’d contribute. Focus on one son of a bitch at a time and obliterate. Throw everything the RNC threw at Donald against ryan. Saturate the air waves.

  9. ?ref_src=twsrctfw

  10. AFVet

    Hope and Change ?
    If we can dream, dream big.

  11. lyn

  12. Trump Force One Arrives in Rochester

  13. AFVet

    Here’s one result of the Colorado decision to cancel their primary.

  14. AFVet

    Too many Americans are living this type of life.
    Here is a short video of just one of them.
    Hard working man that is raising a son who wants to join the Army.
    The elites in Washington are far removed from the real people that make this Country work.

    • CiscoKid

      Now this is real reporting! Not the hateful lies of the propaganda corp.
      This is real America, not the pampered campus snowflakes.

  15. Good read. Pretty much debunks everything the NeverTrumpers are ramming down our throats ….

    • CiscoKid

      Thanks for the video Dora, I really needed a morale boost after that Colorado travesty.
      DJT 2016 MAGA!

  16. lyn

    This kind of tough-guy talk is typical of Trump. But I wondered, perhaps he could see that vulnerability is also important for leadership? “No. I don’t love to see leaders who sit back and cry. We’ve seen some of them.” Crying is fine for other people, Trump told me, but it’s not something he has done since he was a child.

    Trump described himself as an Ayn Rand fan. He said of her novel The Fountainhead, “It relates to business (and) beauty (and) life and inner emotions. That book relates to … everything.” He identified with Howard Roark, the novel’s idealistic protagonist who designs skyscrapers and rages against the establishment.

    When I pointed out that The Fountainhead is in a way about the tyranny of groupthink, Trump sat up and said, “That’s what is happening here.” He then recounted a call he received from a liberal journalist: “How does it feel to have done what you have done? I said what have I done. He said nobody ever in the history of this country has done what you have done. And I said, well, if I lose, then no big deal. And he said no, no, if you lose, it doesn’t matter because this will be talked about forever.

    “And I said it will be talked about more if I win.”

  17. AFVet

    Here’s the girls replying to the Huffington Post.
    Word to the wise Huffpo, don’t mess with them.

    • lyn

      It won’t be if Trump gets the magic numbah. The GOPe better realize quickly that they lost this one. Otherwise, the Republicans will be a minority party for decades.

      • AFVet

        On NPR this AM, they said that the rules could be changed to allow anybody that has run a campaign to be qualified for the delegates to vote on.
        It looks like it is going to be a thin bet that Trump will achieve the magic number.

        • lyn

          That’s disgusting.
          When I read that an RNC chairman (?) said Trump would be the nominee if he gets 1,100 delegates, it made me wonder what’s up. Will they try to keep him under than lower threshold?
          The GOPe is crooked.

  18. AFVet

    Trump rally,….
    Little guys should not mess with big guys.

  19. AFVet

    Worth a look. LOL.

  20. AFVet

    Alex Jones on a roll.
    Also, George Carlin weighs in.

  21. AFVet

    Here’s Trump’s excellent WSJ op-ed about the rigged system.

  22. AFVet

    Trump has poked a tiger (RNC) that didn’t think he would poke.
    However, it appears that Trump is unafraid of stirring things up when he thinks he’s right.
    See what you think.

  23. AZ River Rat

    Some thoughts from a friend of my sister who sent it on to me.
    An interesting take on Trump

    This is an interesting assessment of “The Donald.” This person may have nailed this guy for what he really is.
    Trump Is Not Conservative, He’s A Pragmatist
    By Mychal Massie on January 19, 2016 in Daily Rant, Race & Politics 5
    We recently enjoyed a belated holiday dinner with friends at the home of other friends. The dinner conversation was jocund, ranging from discussions about antique glass and china to theology and politics. At one point reference was made to Donald Trump being a conservative to which I responded that Trump is not a conservative.
    I said that I neither view nor do I believe Trump views himself as a conservative. I stated it was my opinion that Trump is a pragmatist. He sees a problem and understands it must be fixed. He doesn’t see the problem as liberal or conservative, he sees it only as a problem. That is a quality that should be admired and applauded, not condemned. But I get ahead of myself.
    Viewing problems from a liberal perspective has resulted in the creation of more problems, more entitlement programs, more victims, more government, more political correctness, and more attacks on the working class in all economic strata.
    Viewing things according to the so-called Republican conservative perspective has brought continued spending, globalism to the detriment of American interests and well being, denial of what the real problems are, weak, ineffective, milquetoast, leadership that amounts to Barney Fife Deputy Sheriff – appeasement oriented and afraid of its own shadow. In brief, it has brought liberal ideology with a pachyderm as a mascot juxtaposed to the ass of the Democrat Party.
    Immigration isn’t a Republican problem – it isn’t a liberal problem – it is a problem that threatens the very fabric and infrastructure of America. It demands a pragmatic approach not an approach that is intended to appease one group or another.
    The impending collapse of the economy isn’t a liberal or conservative problem it is an American problem. That said, until it is viewed as a problem that demands a common sense approach to resolution, it will never be fixed because the Democrats and Republicans know only one way to fix things and the longevity of their impracticality has proven to have no lasting effect. Successful businessmen like Donald Trump find ways to make things work, they do not promise to accommodate.
    Trump uniquely understands that China’s manipulation of currency is not a Republican problem or a Democrat problem. It is a problem that threatens our financial stability and he understands the proper balance needed to fix it. Here again successful businessmen like Trump who have weathered the changing tides of economic reality understand what is necessary to make business work and they, unlike both sides of the political aisle, know that if something doesn’t work you don’t continue trying to make it work hoping that at some point it will.
    As a pragmatist Donald Trump hasn’t made wild pie-in-the-sky promises of a cell phone in every pocket, free college tuition, and a $15 hour minimum wage for working the drive-through a Carl’s Hamburgers.
    I argue that America needs pragmatists because pragmatists see a problem and find ways to fix them. They do not see a problem and compound it by creating more problems.
    You may not like Donald Trump but I suspect that the reason people do not like him is because: 1) he is antithetical to the “good old boy” method of brokering backroom deals that fatten the coffers of politicians; 2) they are unaccustomed to hearing a candidate speak who is unencumbered by the financial shackles of those who own them vis-a`-vis donations; 3) he is someone who is free of idiomatic political ideology; and 4) he is someone who understands that it takes more than hollow promises and political correctness to make America great again.

  24. AFVet

    Here’s a different side of Judge Jeanine.
    I’d like to drink a beer with her.

  25. AFVet

    “All things considered, we’re not doing that bad.”
    No we aren’t as you will see in this video..
    There are still great people out there willing to take the time to do the things that make a difference in the lives of others that gave their time to defend America.
    I dare you to not shed a tear.

  26. lyn


  27. AFVet

    Here’s the girls again.

  28. lyn

    Get on board!

  29. I so lazy. My home boys, TCH, WHD and MOTUS seem to be so pro-Trump now, I’ve fallen off the FanBoyz treadmill. Heads Up though, pick the longest grocery store line, the May 02 issue of People, Jennifer Aniston cover, read the Marla Maples section, gag.

  30. AFVet

    Here’s Greta’s Trump town hall in Indiana.

  31. AFVet

    We won.


  32. Trump Triumphant!