Why I’m Supporting Trump: An Honest Accounting

Great read, that is, if you want to make America Great Again or want to be Venezuela.

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Dear friends, I don’t normally discuss politics in public anymore, mostly because since I’ve switched sides all I hear is the Pavlovian bark of my old pack. It’s painful to watch people I know and once respected respond so predictably to what is clearly conditioning, and to offer arguments so devoid of reason and logic as to be analogous to praying the stations of the cross. The arguments, such as they are, serve only to reinforce religious dogma and offer habitual comfort to those who imagine themselves afflicted. For some reason, the conditioning didn’t work on me, and I suddenly found myself expelled from this pack some time ago. Now I wander freely, willing and able to sniff out anything truly authentic and enticing.

Authentic and enticing are two words I would definitely use to describe Donald Trump. To be sure, I hear your barking, and I understand the message…

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24 responses to “Why I’m Supporting Trump: An Honest Accounting

  1. I guess we need to hold the media’s feet to the fire, other than Keefer at http://www.whitehousedossier.com/ , who else can we trust?

  2. Now that we’re in the next quarter(presumptive nominee) will start putting some cool stuff here. Lola’s post I shared here is good ammo for dealing with #NeverTrump mentality.

  3. Dates for the remaining primaries ….

  4. AFVet

    Senator Jeff Sessions is sounding an alarm.
    Trump is against this TPP bill and after listening to the Senator you will see why.

  5. AFVet

    Perhaps an analogy on the current political race.
    This goes back to 1973, and a great horse is in the race of his lifetime.
    The general election is the Belmont Stakes.
    Secretariat won by a landslide.

  6. lyn

    Best horse ever!

  7. AFVet

    Here comes the Judge:

  8. Great photo-journalism covering the protesters at Trump rallies and why they’ve helped him, not hurt him.

    • AFVet

      The desperation to maintain control.
      Let the games begin.
      They were so close,….then along comes Trump.

  9. AFVet

    My Shakespeare is a bit rusty, perhaps this will help,…

  10. Looking good, doncha’s think 🙂