Trump History 2.0

Would love this thread to become a chronicle of Trump’s past successes to help fight the nastiness of the MSM trying to destroy him. I’ll start with the time Donald showed up at Ground Zero in 2001 before President Bush did.



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  1. Doc on Trump Force One 🙂

  2. From the History Channel:

  3. The first 15 minutes is a compilation of old news interviews leading up to his presidential announcement. He had not changed a bit !

  4. Some of Trump’s acts of kindness….

  5. That time when Trump’s limo broke down and how he thanked the couple that helped him.

  6. That time Trump helped the freed Marine that Obama ignored in a Mexican prison for over 200 days.

  7. NBC News. Includes some clips from earlier videos from above, but adding it here for the new clips.

  8. NBC News – Trump 1990’s

  9. NBC News – Trump the 2000’s. (Lots of new clips here)

  10. Whoa. From the clips above, Trump’s Dad’s first project in Brooklyn was Shorehaven Apts, where I lived the first 4 (or 6) years of my life. Cool.

  11. Lot of work there. Thanks Denise. 😀

  12. Donald’s Grandpa……

  13. Very nice thread. A lot of work went into it. Thanks.

    BTW, I have to admit that I was surprised to read what Tom Hanks said. Maybe there’s hope.

  14. Via Dora, thanks!

  15. 30 years ago Jesse Jackson thanks Donald Trump for reaching out to blacks and minorities ….

  16. Love this, h/t myiq at TCH

  17. AFVet


  18. Just saw this on twitter, another vintage interview where Trump is discussing helping inner cities ….