Donald Trump Wanted to Rebuild the Twin Towers

From Fox News, May, 2005 ….

Maybe he was right ?

…stronger, and one story taller !


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16 responses to “Donald Trump Wanted to Rebuild the Twin Towers

  1. Trump also said, if you’re not going to rebuild the towers, then turn the site into a memorial park, and they did.

  2. People Magazine is so in the tank for Hillary. Pretty much doubting what Trump did that day because he only talked to a German tv station. While Miss Prancy Pants did a walking photo op tour a few days later.

  3. From Politico, about 15 minutes ago …. Hillary seemed to be taking credit for the 20 billion in emergency funds for New York. Like anyone in congress would vote against that. We were a pretty united country at that horrible time. Here’s the Politico version:

  4. Interview with Chris Matthews circa 2009.

  5. May, 2013 Placing final spire on Freedom Tower (this video certainly triggered a touch of vertigo !)

  6. Yes, there were people celebrating the destruction and death on 9-11-01

    • CiscoKid

      Trump mentions that 13 Medal of Honor recipients have endorsed him.
      Trump said he “was humbled” by that endorsement.
      Amazing men.

  7. AFVet

    Meet the deplorable.