Clash of the Titans….Debate Season


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22 responses to “Clash of the Titans….Debate Season

  1. AFVet

    When she attacks Trump’s wealth and taxes he should reply,… I made my money building buildings, how did you make your millions?

  2. AFVet

    I think Hillary fired all the guns at him in the first debate.
    All the ammo she had.
    The second one will be very interesting.
    Trump needs to take the gloves off and go at her.
    This is not about the male/female issue, this is about our Country.
    Obama has been proven to have been a bad choice.
    Hillary Clinton will just exacerbate the failed policies that Obama instituted.
    Liberal policies have destroyed many cities in this Country.
    Obama’s liberal policies have taken this Nation down to the point that it will take a major effort to revive it.

    Trump says that he will do it.
    I say, give him a chance.

  3. AFVet



  4. If you’ve been keeping up with the beauty queen lying for Hillary about Trump, here ya go …..

  5. AFVet

    Worth a watch Denise.
    Trump speaking in a room full of Veterans.

  6. AFVet

    Batten down the hatches Denise.
    Matthew is coming to visit.
    Stay safe. 🙂

    • Thanks ! So far we’re dodging the bullet in SE Virginia, but the size and intensity of Matthew is looking really bad for the Florida/Georgia/SC coastal areas. I’m glued to the Weather Channel and hoping for the best.

    • AFV, you were right. The storm didn’t take that predicted hard turn right before the NC/VA border. It spanked us good. 35mph/2inches rain turned into 70mph/12 inches. We were so unprepared. Happily recovering and cleaning up now 🙂

  7. AFVet

    Here’s the segment that got me off my seat during the debate.
    Gotta love it.

  8. When reading Trump bashing stories, just remember ….

  9. AFVet

    Ann Coulter vents on the recent claims of sexual harassment by Trump.
    I love this.

  10. AFVet

    Take from this whatever you want.
    This was a great movie.
    Ghost Rider.