Trump Rally Fun and the Countdown to Election Day, Nov 8,2016 !

Regent University Library Plaza, Virginia Beach, VA. October 22, 2016. Can you see me? 😀

This is about 10k people who showed up with 3 days notice. Here’s how our local media covered it…

Protester Being Waterboarded Across the Street !

Alas, a real article appears, doesn’t show the crowd.

I guess we’ll cover the rally with a photo of Trump and his motorcade LEAVING the rally.

Enough about the crooked media and why, if I can’t be there, I watch the Right Side Broadcast live streams. This one starts about an hour before the event, they love the crowds!

I’ve watched Donald’s stump speech about a 100 times, but never physically with thousands of like minds in a street party atmosphere. It’s hard to describe that kind of excitement!

I arrived about two hours before the event’s start, thousands were already there to grab those coveted first few rows in front of the podium. They arrived about 9-10 a.m. to get in line for the noon time gate opening. At the gate was about a dozen airport type screener machines and bag checkers. Some people got the wand too. When I got there about 1pm for the 3pm kick off, there were long lines in front of each screener and about 3 secret service (police division) at each station. Probably why you didn’t see 2 mile long lines, it ran very smoothly and quickly !

Donald didn’t arrive until 4:22pm to deliver his speech, but nobody noticed because we were just so happy to be there. The event did kick off on time with a steady stream of rebel rousing speakers of local politicians, pastors and military veterans making their case for Trump. Most of them gave a shout out to the crowd with Welcome Deplorables to big cheers!! And just before Trump’s stump, surprise speaker Rudy Guiliani spoke, what a treat ! He was welcomed with the crowd chanting Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! like in the movie 🙂

Speaking of Deplorable, I wore my Je Suis Deplorable shirt that I bought from a friend’s Zazzle Shop, I really thought I was a hot shot for having an original shirt among the Trump and Minion cartoon Deplorables. However, didn’t think this through, being on Pat Robertson’s campus and not a rich population of french speaking people, some people approached me with concern my shirt read Jesus is Deplorable? Yikes, after the 3 person asked, back on with my jacket! One person loved it, her mom is French 🙂

Sorry this is so long, but in the next couple of weeks if you have the chance to attend a Trump Rally, I highly recommend the experience. His supporters are the happiest, most enthusiastic people in the worrrrrld, and they want to Make America Great Again.


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32 responses to “Trump Rally Fun and the Countdown to Election Day, Nov 8,2016 !

  1. Another view of the crowd. Those bright lights in the background is where the media was perched.

  2. What a disgrace? But not hanging Trump in effigy or beating those Trump pinatas?

  3. Not a lot of Hillary Love at the rally.

  4. As seen in Pat Robertson’s parking lot ? Wow, how powerful indeed !

  5. Whenever a speaker brought up the Clinton News Network, they turned around a booed this guy on the press platform. Looks like some stayed after to tell him to do his job unbiased !

  6. 😀

  7. Creative !

  8. Meanwhile, over in Huntington Beach, Calif…….

  9. Found the video of the CNN shoutdown after the rally. Almost feel sorry for the guy. Almost. That’s one tough crowd 😀

  10. AFVet

    This one fits nicely here.

  11. This is the young man who owns the Gays4Trump car above. What a sweetheart ❤

  12. Always fun to watch !

  13. Reblogged this on The Crawdad Hole and commented:

    Okay, here it goes. Enjoy my adventure 🙂

  14. creeper00

    Great report, Denise. And they want us to believe Trump is behind in the polls. They might as well tell us black is white.

  15. foxyladi14

    WOW!! Thanks Denise for a great report, For shut ins like myself.
    It is almost like being there. ❤

  16. And then he went to Florida..

    • St.Augustine surprised me ! 18k showed up? WoW. That’s double the population of StA ! Not really, but when I had relatives who lived there, our visits were always small town, off the grid like experiences. One of my favorite laid back beach cities 😀

  17. Keep this schedule handy. Looks like Trump is going to all those towns the media writes off. To be fair, he did come to a campus next to my neighborhood last Saturday and met many people who drove an hour or two to be there. So glad I went….

  18. AFVet

    We the People speak.
    RSBN interviews at a Trump rally.