We Did It !

Still kind of numb, my first vote win since 1976, Carter. Then busy with babies, military wifey duties of love,working for a veterinarian and rinkmom for a competitive figure skater…whew… from then til Kerry-Edwards, then McCain-Palin, then Romney-Ryan, lose, lose, lose.

This feels much better, I’ve wanted Trump for President since 1988. I’m not a member of any political party anymore, I think we picked a good one ! I’m excited to keep my personal blog going for all things Trump, his life just changed forever, for us ❤


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8 responses to “We Did It !

  1. You know what’s weird? I got a Happy Anniversary card recently from WordPress. I started my blog 8 years ago, when Obama first got elected. So I guess I wasn’t caught on camera crying or blocking traffic or throwing sh*t or burning flags. I started a blog 😉 Don’t pay attention to those fake protesters, it’s not about Donald Trump……

    Trust me, there are more of us than there is of them. Keep on keeping the faith !

  2. AFVet

    Happy anniversary to the Marine Corp !
    Happy Veterans Day !
    What a week we have had !

  3. AFVet

    Had to share this here.
    It’s great.

  4. She’s a good friend of Trump’s, hope he finds a spot for her in the administration she was loyal from the beginning. AG? SCOTUS?