Aren’t “they” Gone Yet?

While the media is doubling down on the stupid, yeah, they lost too, here’s a sample of doubling down on media drool slobber on Mrs. Lameduck McGrudge, aka Michelle Obama, FLOTUS McMostus being featured in the Dec issue of Vogue magazine.

Oh yeah, and eye bleach warning, sorry about that 😉


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13 responses to “Aren’t “they” Gone Yet?

  1. That looks like a Caitlyn Jennings pose.

  2. AFVet

    If she’s trying to out do Melania, give up.
    She’s way out of your league Mooch.

  3. My favorite lady on twitter…..she’s a maniac, love her…

  4. Mark Dice is a great media watchdog !

    • AFVet

      Ah yes, the media can always be relied upon to valiantly test the depths of insanity while holding themselves up as the voice of the people.

  5. AFVet

    This year Thanksgiving will one to remember.
    My post over at WHD.

    Good morning my fellow Patriots.

    We find ourselves on yet another Thanksgiving eve.
    This year, we truly have something to be thankful for.

    On 6/16/16, a man stood in front of a tired Nation and pledged to take our Country back from the doldrums of eight years of liberal ideology.
    An onerous task indeed.

    He is a Patriot, a businessman, a straight shooter.
    He is a man that I feel we can trust to do what he says he will do.

    He vanquished many opponents, some of whom were formidable.
    Career politicians entrenched in the machine that is determined to run our Country by dynasty.

    He prevailed and the American People watched as he gave us hope that one day this great Country will once again be the “Shining City on the Hill”.

    Through eighteen months he drew crowds across this Country that were unprecedented.
    Standing up to his detractors with vigor while the people who had been silenced by forces that they could not control watched in admiration.

    Finally, we have found our voice.
    Enough is enough they said.
    Now we have a warrior to go and battle the ones that were set on silencing us.

    American Patriotism was once again practiced openly without fear of reprisal.
    The love of Old Glory was once again OK.

    It is my feeling that God uses a calendar, His calendar.
    He doesn’t need a watch, He is eternal.
    But a calendar,…yes.
    6/16/16 was a mark on His calendar.

    Throughout history God has raised up individuals when he needed them to do His bidding.
    I think that this is one of those times.

    Finally, we are again embarking on a new era.
    One that has promise, is exciting.
    One that causes us to sit back and breath a sigh of relief after eight years of being maligned by people that see our Country differently than we do.

    Donald Trump will face barriers at every turn along with his allies.
    Expect it.
    The media are making fools of themselves and are becoming more irrelevant everyday.
    It is fun to watch them destroy their credibility.
    When the enemy is destroying themselves, don’t interfere.

    So this Thanksgiving Day we can be especially thankful for the gifts that God has given us.

    The American Spirit is alive and well and eager to Make America Great Again.

  6. gracepmc

    Oh dear. At first I thought she slipped and fell down the stairs. Would hate for her to miss the Inauguration and get a glimpse of Melania’s Inaugural Day attire and , of course, the Inaugural Ball gown.