Hope You Had a Happy Trumpsgiving !

We Have a lot to be Trumpful for this year 😉

I’m hoping our friends on the left a smooth recovery and acceptance by Trumpmas. ❤


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19 responses to “Hope You Had a Happy Trumpsgiving !

  1. Can’t wait for Melania and Barron to usher in The People’s Tree next year, Michelle looked like she just phoned this in….

  2. Cranking up the Holiday music via the food courts…

    • lateblum

      Great flow chart. That is what I said to DD#1 last night at dinner.
      She plans to demonstrate at the inauguration – along with my d-I-l and her mother. She then asked me how I found places to stay in DC when I went there to protest (the Iraq war). I told her she was getting no help from me. If they wanted to go to DC, they were big girls and they could figure it out for themselves. Of course, I said that after she said I couldn’t come along to witness the inauguration.
      Hope you and they don’t run into one another in DC…lol

      • I wish I could understand what they’re protesting, but every Inauguration attracts protesters. In 2008, my son’s special ops team in Miami went up to help with Obama’s security. They were so disappointed to have missed the whole thing removing Code Pink ladies, staging a lay-in to block train passengers, from Union Station. Imagine, protesting Obama, the newly annointed Lord King of Rainbow Unicorns ? LOL. It’s like the left eating their own.

        • lateblum

          She argued, “My vote doesn’t count as much as someone in Kansas or Kentucky”, when I tried to explain the Electoral College votes count so that the extra people in NY and CA can’t always dictate who the president will be by virtue of their (mostly) liberal voting.
          Today, I sent her something about the 2.2million more votes that HRC received in CA only meant that she was “elected” in CA. But when you subtracted the votes received in CA from both HRC and DJT, then he won the popular vote by 2 million votes nationwide. She “got it” then. She’s still gonna protest. 😉

      • lyn

        I love “tough love.” 😉

  3. Cute video …. from 2011 (Oprah)

  4. More stuff I put here so I can find it later to watch 🙂

  5. I had a love/hate relationship, cyber-ly speaking of course, with Olbermann during the Bush 43 years. He is just off the rails now. He got fired from primetime MSNBC in 2009 for daring to “question” The Won. He’s back now……