Counting Down to the Trump Inauguration

1o days to go!

I’ll be closer to the Washington Monument than the Capitol building, it will still be a great day !






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  1. 9 days to go, I’m having pre-trip anxiety.

  2. Love Dr. Carson, read his books !

  3. lyn

    I hope you have a great trip. Turn any anxiety into excitement. You should meet a lot of fun people.

  4. CiscoKid

    I’m emerald green with envy.
    Wishing you a safe journey and return.
    You stay safe and take care.
    Can’t wait to read details of the experience, you’re there for all of us.

  5. Email from the Deplorable Organizers today!

    A Message from MAGA3X:

    The Deploraball is less than a week away! Are you as excited as we are?

    When it comes to tickets, we have to be very strict for security and capacity purposes. So please note these important details:

    As a reminder… any scalped, resold, or counterfeit tickets will not be honored at the door. Your name and ID must match your ticket, and you must be 21+ to enter.

    If you already gave-away your tickets, email the order number and new owner’s name and email to by 6pm ET today. The email must come from the original owner.

    If you purchased more than one ticket and are bringing a friend or date, email their names to by 6pm ET today and we will add them to the notes associated with your ticket. (Many of you have already done this.)

    If your plans have changed, you can request a refund through EventBrite’s request refund feature or email We will honor all refund requests until 6pm ET on Monday the 16th.

    Below is a recap of the details to assist with travel and planning. Let us know if you have any questions.

    See you soon!

    – The Organizers


    Venue: The Deploraball will take place at the National Press Club located at 529 14th St NW, 13th Floor, Washington, DC.

    Time: The party is from 8pm-midnight.

    Getting there: We recommend arriving by Metro, Taxi, or Uber. The Press Club is well within the security perimeter, which begins at approximately noon on Wednesday, January 18th and runs through the duration of Inauguration weekend. This is great for our security but means that parking at the event won’t be possible.

    If you take the Metro (Red Line), the nearest stop is “Metro Center” and the Press Club is about a 5-minute walk (a few blocks west). Note that the DC Metro closes at midnight on weeknights.

    If you opt to use Uber or Taxi, due to the perimeter we recommend you get dropped off at the south side of 14th and K Street Northwest (next to Franklin Square). The Press Club is a 5-10 minute walk South on 14th Street and will be on your left.

    Parking is not recommended, however, there are limited garages in and throughout Arlington, Georgetown, and the rest of Washington DC. Garages within the perimeter will be closed for the Inauguration. If you choose to drive, we recommend checking with the vendor for any Inauguration weekend restrictions.

    What to wear: Dress is “black tie optional.” But really, there are no rules. One guest described how she was going to dress as “fun formal.” We liked the sound of that. Also, note that Washington D.C. is cold in January, so be sure to bundle up. A complimentary coat check service will be available for all guests upon arrival.

    Security: We take security seriously. The Press Club is used to high-profile events and has employed a security team for the evening. Check in will be at the ground/lobby level. No weapons will be allowed, metal detectors will be in use, and all bags/purses will be checked prior to entering the venue. IDs will also be checked to ensure everyone is 21+. Since the Club is within the Inauguration perimeter, there will be an expanded police presence in the neighborhood — this is also great news for our own security.

    Planned protests: Your safety is important to us. Be aware, we have received reports of at least one anti-Trump protest group whose members plan to harass attendees outside the venue. Similar groups have been known for throwing items, filming, and antagonizing Trump supporters. We therefore highly recommend that you travel with a group or a friend, be aware of your surroundings at all times, and do not engage these people. There will be a police presence in the area and outside the event, as well as security inside the event, but for your own safety, we advise you to avoid and limit your interactions with anyone who appears to be a part of any such groups.

    Food: There will be light hors d’ouevres at the party. It is not, however, a sit-down meal. You may want to grab an early dinner nearby before the event.

    Other Inaugural activities: There is a lot happening in DC next week. Here is a list of official Inaugural events and here is an overall guide to Inauguration weekend. For evening drinks, we recommend the bar in the new Trump International Hotel. It will be a hot spot, however, there are plenty of other watering holes within walking distance that will be open late.

    Press: There will be limited, easily identifiable press attending the event, so please keep that in mind. Feel free to interact with them as much or as little you prefer.

    Get ready… Our attendees ARE truly incredible and this party is going to be A LOT of fun. We can’t wait to see you all!

  6. Annie's Mom

    Denise…haven’t heard from you since you were boarding the train to head for home. A bit worried…everything okay?