Arianna and Yakir

Over a week ago, I strolled the lovely shopping district in NYC’s SoHo, a few blocks from my hotel, the Hotel Trump SoHo. I had no idea that cupcakes on the street were soap not a bakery. 3 hours later,and a complimentary glass of Chardonnay, walked out with lovely products,$838 freaking dollars later, and silky skin. Still working !

Wish I had my pal Anthony with me, he would have talked me out of it 😛

Arianna Skin Care


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6 responses to “Arianna and Yakir

  1. Tourist Alert….don’t visit a local NYC “shop” after doing a 5k, brain cells are already tired 😉

  2. Anthony

    I just may have outspent you had I come along 😀 LOVE shopping skin care when I’m buzzed…

    • Turn left out of the Spring St station, look for the cupcakes 😉 What sucked me in is that Yajkir’s story is that he was a former Israeli soldier, yada, yada,yada, now a store manager for a couple of Arianna stores in the NYC area. My gaydar went off, he was just too sweet and owns a luxury condo in Long Island City. Thank goddess I bolted before my bill was over $1500. Which would have been the “eye” bag magic 😀

  3. lyn

    The products look great.