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The political musings of comedian Steven Crowder.

Detroit’s Mayor Problem since 1961

H/T Chrissy at PoliNation

H/T Reagan Files on Facebook

Now watch Steven Crowder’s awesomey awesome video about Detroit from 2009. His early videos are the best, then he got BIG and went mainstream-ish.

Is Detroit a symptom or a sign of America’s future ? Wake Up Detroit !

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Leave Steven Alone, Oh Wait….Crowder!

From Oct 2009…

Love Steven Crowder. As a fan, he’s a kinder, gentler Jon Stewart. As a mother, I’d be proud to have him as a son. He’s not mean spirited, and probably makes enough money to buy me cigs and bottom shelf vodka. Good boy.

I knew him when. Here’s my category tags since 2008, Crowder!

Keep on keeping on Steven !


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Crowder ! The Media Circus

The Casey Anthony Weiner edition 🙂

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Crowder ! Boo-Hoo Jon Stewart ? And the Stevens.

Sigh, the good ole days of fancy-schmancy nekkid humor from Team Daily Show, Steven Carrell, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert…I knew them when 😉

And I find the newest Steven very refreshing ….

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Crowder ! Barack For Brazil

Love me some Steven 🙂

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Crowder ! on Bullies, hey :)

Good, no great, summary on bullying. Must view video from my favorite common sense friend from the north, north of Fall River, MA 😉

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Crowder’s back and I finally feel safer ! Or saner?

As Obama reached into his inner Dick Cheney, via Hot Air….

The part where (John)Ziegler thinks Obama channeled Cheney comes immediately afterward, where Obama states explicitly that we are a nation at war, not a nation facing a crime wave. Perhaps now he will approach terrorists as unlawful combatants rather than criminals captured on the streets.

….I couldn’t help think Obama was also channeling his inner Sarah Palin. Afterall, her Facebook note came long before the buck stopped with Obama. Last Tuesday. You can read “It’s a war, not a crime spree” here.

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