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I’m a Trumpette, there, I said it…..

Is he a Democrat?  Is he a Republican?  I really don’t care.  Trump’s not asking me for money, is he?  So early in the primary season, and I’m enjoying the ride  !


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The Artist is Present, or Something ?

In 2010, I stumbled into the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and ran into Ms. Abramovic’s exhibit, not on this day, with her former LUVAH, which was intentional performance art or not? Great camera work, and TEARS.

First the video:

Now, about the artist…great backstory on the video and ULAY. Wonder what happened to him?

Marina Abramovic and stuff from The Guardian, UK.

Sigh. So what’s the fuss about Draw Mohammed ?

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Even being an Accidental Hero takes hard work and perseverance

This is not just another post Super Bowl XLIX blah-blah-blah, crappy commercials and halftime show aside, this should be the biggest story from the game, Malcolm Butler, especially in the year of Ferguson riots and #HandsUpDontShoot mentalities on the streets.

From the Washington Post

Butler, 24, had completed an inconceivable path from batter cook to Division II standout to undrafted rookie to Super Bowl hero. Sunday night, Butler sealed the Patriots’ 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks with an interception at the goal line with 20 seconds remaining, both the deciding play of a classic Super Bowl and the culmination of Butler’s self-made ascension.

It’s a very inspiring backstory about this young man, share it with the young people in your life, whatever their color or gender, Mr. Butler is an inspiration for them. He was for me 🙂

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We’ll Be Okay America, July 4, 2014 Edition

Video below, but I must give you the proper intro… my rant…

I just know it. Yeah, I protested Bush’s wars by adding my warm body to marches in lovely destination cities(great excuse to use those host hotel discounts!) like NYC and DC. Yet, I don’t remember any of those groups from United For Peace and Justice being audited or having their tax exempt statuses targeted ? For that matter, nor the Occupy Wall Street gang?

Before the media and the Democrats squished the Tea Party like bugs, there was this on September 12, 2009. You might remember the “fever” building after the early spring of ’09 and that fancy new PrezzyO, when he proceeded to double down on all of GWB’s fiscal mistakes that he campaigned against? Yeah, these people. Targeted by the IRS. They were right and had to be destroyed. By the media too, ask “Tingles”.

Yes, I was there. As were about 41% of my former “Dem” friends.

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Are Average Democrats Paying Attention ?

Good read….via Daily Caller

I have a lot of friends who are Democrats. A lot. Having spent my entire adult life in the entertainment industry and much of it living in Los Angeles, that is just a fact of life.

Back in olden times (the 1990s), the Democrat politicians in Washington seemed to be much like the people who elected them. They also went about business in a way that was rather normal, if not to my particular ideological liking. This was all due to the fact that the extreme progressive hippies hadn’t completed the takeover of the party that they had begun in the 1970s.

Patient lot, these hippies.

Now the fix is in and the Left-of-Castro wing of the Democratic party is fairly well in control and dystopia is upon us. The people who began their political lives by expressing an overwhelming hatred of all things government have done a 180 and now embrace the egregious use of the federal monster to the point it almost seems like a fetish. It’s sort of like the “no bigger smoking nag than an ex-smoker” thing in reverse.

With a stealth progressive in the White House the fully armed and operational battle government has been deployed for purely political reasons in ways that should give any regular citizen pause.

An unelected regulatory agency is actively engaged in dismantling an entire industry. The IRS has become not only an enforcer for the Obamacare monstrosity, it can also be used as an attack dog to go after political opponents, even though the higher-ups are working in unison to pretend that is not the case.

Now, the United States Patent Office is enforcing the arbitrary rules of the speech police, and that sickening end-around was celebrated by Democratic leadership.

Taken separately, each of these is disturbing. That each is coming hot on the heels of the other should be setting off the FreakOutOMeter on both sides of the aisle.

There are a variety ways that rank and file Democrats might be looking at what is going on. My somewhat educated guess is that they’re not aware that the people they are electing are flexing authoritarian muscles that could very easily be used against them.

There are a variety of reasons people vote for one of the Big Two in America. One is tradition. A lot of Americans vote the way their parents voted just because that’s the way it’s always been. Many of us who keep our noses to the political grindstone forget that not everyone in the country engages in a lot of political introspection.

More at link !

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Memorial Day 1984

Yes, a Reagan speech. Sorry, I may have been too young to appreciate it too, 30 years ago, and it was AWESOME…


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Ok, My Other Last Source for News: Whittle !

From June 2013, how did I miss this? Don’t let the “13 minutes” fool you, it goes much faster than that if you want answers to questions since 2008. The Darkest Year of American Politics ever !


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My Last Hope For News Sources: Guttfeld

I get him.

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In my innocent youth, I wanted to marry Gene Wilder or Cleavon Little

As I watch this movie, now, again, on AMC, before the PC police ban it, I haven’t changed my mind 🙂

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How do you define “white” in Obama World ? A Handy Guide.

Here’s some paint chips from Lowe’s, from what I see, there’s about a thousand more shades of racist.


Now here’s a Michelle Obama Racist Brown vs.Whitey Anniversary rant via The Crawdad Hole. Oh the suffering succotash of it all. Yes, h/t Sylvester, the cartoon cat, was black AND white.

Speaking of “cats”, while she was gone, the mouse played, nom-nom-nom.

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