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Even being an Accidental Hero takes hard work and perseverance

This is not just another post Super Bowl XLIX blah-blah-blah, crappy commercials and halftime show aside, this should be the biggest story from the game, Malcolm Butler, especially in the year of Ferguson riots and #HandsUpDontShoot mentalities on the streets.

From the Washington Post

Butler, 24, had completed an inconceivable path from batter cook to Division II standout to undrafted rookie to Super Bowl hero. Sunday night, Butler sealed the Patriots’ 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks with an interception at the goal line with 20 seconds remaining, both the deciding play of a classic Super Bowl and the culmination of Butler’s self-made ascension.

It’s a very inspiring backstory about this young man, share it with the young people in your life, whatever their color or gender, Mr. Butler is an inspiration for them. He was for me 🙂

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Memorial Day 1984

Yes, a Reagan speech. Sorry, I may have been too young to appreciate it too, 30 years ago, and it was AWESOME…


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Ok, My Other Last Source for News: Whittle !

From June 2013, how did I miss this? Don’t let the “13 minutes” fool you, it goes much faster than that if you want answers to questions since 2008. The Darkest Year of American Politics ever !


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Hey Girl, It’s Trey Gowdy !

From October 2013 and a preview of things to come from Team Gowdy and his #Benghazi Select Committee. These questions still haven’t been answered, but you can see how he earned the Chairmanship…….

Via The Crawdad Hole where it’s okay to criticize the Obama Administration without being bullied like a middle school kid, or being called names like a “wrongheaded” racist teabagger !

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A Tale of Two Twitties

I’ll just leave this here…

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Closing Monuments and Memorials, Eh?

If you’re not following tweeter feeds or facebook posts on your live newsie info sites, you may have missed this great patriotic weekend with the gang at #T2SDA and #1MVetMarch. But first, from the wayback machine….


…or we just make our own….


Thank you all for participating, God Bless America!


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“Smart is Sexy…Everything Else is Just Crap” ~ Ashton Kutcher

Share with all the teens in your life ! Snipped from The Blaze:

It’s fairly safe to say that viewers don’t tune in to the Teen Choice Awards in hopes of hearing incredibly insightful advice about the importance hard work, perseverance and dreaming big — but that’s exactly what they got from Ashton Kutcher this year.

Read more highlights from the speech here


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Election 2012: No Worry, It’s Going to be a Romney Tsunami on November 6


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About Hating, October 12, 2012

I miss this guy…

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MOTUS: If You’re Not Following The Mirror, You’re Not Paying Attention, Attention, Attention….
Mirror Of The United States


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