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SGP: Armed and Fabulous, August 2013, Indianapolis

It’s definitely looking like a summer *never been to Indianapolis* excuse for a trip, now if I can only make up my mind before the event sells out. Woot to Smart Girls Politics, never victims!

via Smart Girl Politics

via Smart Girl Politics


Smart Girl Politics Forum, Indy, August 2013

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Happy 67th Goldie ! Happy 4 years old Bloggy and a new Gravatar!

via Huffington Post

Totally a Goldie Hawn fan since the 60’s while some women were burning bras, I was in awe of the Sock It To Me girl. I just wanted to have fun, she was my idol. While I’m not a huge fan of Huffington Post as a news source, they do have a nice slide show of Goldie’s evolving style over almost 50 years !

And, Happy Birthday Bloggy, you’re 4 years old today, so I’m gifting you with a new gravatar, smoke if you got’em, but watch out for your nose!


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Shocking: The New Face Of Feminism

Janeane “Sarah’s a Slut” Garofalo

Didn’t know I was married for 20 years.

Points Palin 🙂

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Thank You Ladies

For your service.

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Seriously, Who do YOU want to inspire America’s Daughters ?

Vote !


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Why I Call Myself a Romney Democrat

Let’s start with a couple of illustrations, this…

….and this…

My love of politics started as a child and exchanging birthday cards with President Eisenhower, we shared a birth date. Every year I’d buy him a card, scribble Happy Birthday, Your Birth DAY Buddy, Denise and mail it. A few days later, I’d receive a card, totally preprinted and auto-penned, but I still proudly displayed it with the others. It wasn’t until years later I would appreciate that small gesture from the White House staff. Never once was asked for $3.OO or MY birthday presents.

JFK made me a Democrat. He entered the Presidential race as I entered high school and I just loved everything Camelot-y about the Kennedy family. Sadly, we never found out how the world would have turned out had he never been assassinated, but it moved me to political activism (ironically, first as a staffer for a Republican Member of the House shortly after dropping out of college).

Then came love, marriage and the baby carriage x3, so my political hobby became complicated being married to an active duty Marine and the dratted UCMJ, my mouth was duct taped for several years.

Still loved my Dems, Carter, Clinton …. then came the Political Petri-Dish Experiment failure called Obama. There is nothing traditionaly, spiritualy,compassionately or NICE about him (see: Hillary Clinton and her supporters/PUMAs) to support.

I now support Romney Democrats


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A Day Without Sunshine ….

White House Press Corps circa Kennedy

….Would be missing my daily fix at the White House Dossier. Keith writes:

During the Democratic primaries in 2008, I asked a liberal friend of mine whether he was going to support Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. He thought for a second and casually responded, “Obama.”

Now who hasn’t had this conversation with an Obama supporter ? I asked him why he would support Obama over Clinton, given that they had basically the same proposals but she had more experience and we knew so much more about her.

His answer, in essence, was: “Obama!”

We all have our favorite daily drive-bys, WHD is one of my favorites for no other reason than to see what time Obama gets out of bed in the morning/starts his day (average: noonish). Take THAT you hard working tax paying working stiffs ! Just shut up! <—-2012 Democratic Party talking point, FYI.

Since 2008, my favorite daily blog visits include heavy populations of former Dems wondering what happened to their party of ideas and compassion. Many are on my blog roll, please visit them and lend them support. Like minds and all that stuff reflected in the tags.

Oh, and I think Jeremy Hoop is Hawt:

He had me at Jackass chasing a dumb Pachyderm 🙂

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