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In Honor of the Resignation of Kathleen Sebelius

Congratulations Ms. Sillybus, you are now under it 😀

More to the story….


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9-11-13 Edition of “Never Forget”


Get Involved Why Don’t You ? Visit, Donate !

It’s the only way we can never forget, especially for the future generations of our special snowflakes 😀

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The First Family(1962) v. The First Family(2013)

I usually respect the somber U.S.history topics on somber dates and mattress sales, such as the burning of Atlanta, Pearl Harbor, The Challenger Explosion, September 11, but the White House made me do this. I mean no disrespect for the casualties from the Civil War through the Obama Administration.

Circa: 1962 Google or Bing search Vaughn Meader, his career ended after JFK’s assassination. He was so much funnier in those pre-SNL, Stewart and Colbert days. Meader’s albums are still available on Amazon, ten years after his death. I have the original vinyl album.


Circa: 2013, yes this photo was taken today, 9-11-13 and I doubt anyone will use it as a comedy album cover, and they should ! When the WH released this as an official photo, I laughed and I laughed, who in the WH is old enough to remember 1962 ?


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Kickstarter: Please Help Obama Start WW3 !


Note to NSA: Yes, it’s satire. Though, these days there’s such a fine line.

h/t The Kitchen Cabinet


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Fake Facebook – Syria Edition

Trying some new tricks on the blog, I’m sorta rusty about keeping up with all the WordPress changes so I hit some buttons not knowing what the heck happened and may have to publish it to see what’s in it. Oh snap, I just Pelosi’d 😀

This is so funny. Just click on the link below for a larger, more readable image if you’re drug store readers aren’t keeping up with my schloggin’ bloggin’. Have fun…..


via Best of Cain


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Is It 2016 Yet ?

Pre-Obama….oh, and maybe the current House Majority? I’m so confused…..

One day more and…..

In the Age Of Obama

Go SEE the movie !

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MOTUS: If You’re Not Following The Mirror, You’re Not Paying Attention, Attention, Attention….
Mirror Of The United States


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