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Perfect Cruise…Off the Somali Coast. Free Upgrade to a Balcony Room with Bazookas.

Of course this is snarky. Click for the FULL PACKAGE Enjoy your cruise 🙂

Thanks Doug Ross for the best laugh I’ve had in awhile 🙂

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Media #Fail – NYT Edition

From always the spunky Terrell

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Reasons to Re-Elect President Obama

Graphic via DancingCzars

I laughed at this list until I realized they were all true !

I just wanted to gather some of the good, valid reasons to re-elect President Obama all in one place. No particular order.

•Because someone said ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ in some context.
•Because Mitt Romney used to work for a private equity firm, which is not ok.
•Because that guy killed Trayvon Martin.
•Because Mitt Romney paid the amount of taxes he was legally required to pay, and not more.
•Because ‘under’ President Obama, we have come out of a recession, bottomed out, and (perhaps?) begun an economic turnaround in a mind-bogglingly quick 3 years or so. (I think prior recessions have all lasted several centuries, at least, so mad props to Obama for this stellar achievement.)
•Because Georgetown University doesn’t necessarily want to buy birth control pills for one particular well-coiffed, upper-class white woman who will probably be making $150k+ pretty soon.
•Because Rush Limbaugh called that woman a bad name.
•Because the preceding two things means there’s a ‘war on women’.
•Because of all the Romney flip-flops, as tantalizingly hinted at in a hilarious youtube video premised on a 10-year-old Eminem song that doesn’t actually really show any flip-flops per se.
•Because of the Osama bin Laden assassination (i.e. because President Obama didn’t prevent it from occurring).
•Because various Hollywood celebrities really want him to be and think those who don’t are stupid idiots.

Via Rhymes With Cars and Girls

And, as Keith Koffler noticed, nothing’s ever his fault ! Obama’s Blame Game

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AfterMath: Obama at Gettysburg

Via my pal at Aftermath archives (April 2010)

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When AfterMath posts..

I get inspired 🙂

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What We’re Fighting For ! Change?

From Aftermath

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Preview of President Obama’s STFU Speech on 1-24-12

My bad, SOTU speech 😉

Am I close ? With a big hug to After Math from his newest photoshop phan. Good stuff !


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Obama’s Toy Box

More fun stuff over at AfterMath


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Koffler’s WH Dossier, Obama Top Ten 2012 Resolutions, Winning !

This is probably the White House Best Blog you’re not reading, sigh, not all WH blogs are a dot gov 😉

1. Convince Iran once and for all that we mean it no harm.

2. Throw Mrs. Robinson out of the White House.

3. Start hitting from the men’s tee.

4. Confess my love for Angela Merkel.

5. Enter twelve step program to help me stop expanding government.

6. Catch the guy who stabbed Muammar Qaddafi in the ass.

7. Stand up to Michelle and tell her to stop taking so many vacations.

8. Find out who is running economic policy and fire them.

9. Try not to look so natural when bowing to Saudi leaders.

10. Next time Bo asks for his own private air for flight, say, “No, bad dog!”

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Dave Barry: 2011 in Review

Dave Barry’s Month-by-Month Year in Review is always an annual favorite since he gets “that to be politically humorous, it has to be based on truth”. You just can’t write about politics and culture any snarkier than the irony sniffer Dave! And yeah, 2011 made 2010 look good.

Via the Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard


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