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The Artist is Present, or Something ?

In 2010, I stumbled into the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and ran into Ms. Abramovic’s exhibit, not on this day, with her former LUVAH, which was intentional performance art or not? Great camera work, and TEARS.

First the video:

Now, about the artist…great backstory on the video and ULAY. Wonder what happened to him?

Marina Abramovic and stuff from The Guardian, UK.

Sigh. So what’s the fuss about Draw Mohammed ?

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I’ve Decided to Run for the 2016 Democratic Nomination for President, aka, How Hard Could it Be?

No, seriously.  After a chuckle or ten about the Rent’s Too Damn High guy, who actually got votes in 2012, I thought, well, WTF, I’m as qualified as he is ….and Hillary, aka, HRod.  Though I did leave the Dems in ’08, no offense, the Dems threw Hillary into that glass ceiling that made all those cracks.

Here are my qualifications, I’m serious, still, you elected Obama, gah!

I can be a #WINNING candidate too….

1. I’m Hillary’s age, fer crissakes, Vote for GRANDMA you ageist Republican/TeaBaggers !

2. I’m a Mom (3 kids, one of each), oh yeah, I have a special* one too. *Wraps up the SSI and other entitlement supporters. Got a problem with that, fine, I’ll send Special Greg to you to raise.  He’s 42 and still wets the bed, sigh.

3. 3 Grandkids, 2 more than Granny Hill, and one’s an Hispanic mix (I got Florida and New York, maybe L.A.?)  She’s only 4, not sure if she’s in a gang yet?  Give her time, she’s only in a Brooklyn pre-school.  The other two are elites, they’re only 12, but hey, can grab some Wall Street/OWS votes, eh?

4. I’m straight, love my gays, as long as they don’t make me “marry” them.  Abortion?  I spit out my own 3, including Special Greg, but he was an October Surprise long before Abortion became a sport.  Also, his “condition” is still not diagnosed in the Gosnell clinics to this day.  Oh wait, thank goodness, what a loss that would have been to me.

5.  Foreign Policy?  Spent my entire life as a military dependent, my i.d. card has never expired. Great Uncles, Civil War and beyond,  Grandpa was a Doughboy in WW1, Dad, Mom, WW2, Dad went on to Korea and Vietnam, stupid me, married a Vietnam veteran, between his tours in ’69, then came the Middle East…gah.  I think my foreign policy is better than Hilly’s…..ya’think ?

6.  Read Hillary’s “Living History”.  Not the Carly Fiorina rip off “Hard Choices”.  As a Fellow Senior-ita, like Hills, enjoyed the ride from the  40’s til Bill.

7.  Unlike Hills, I dropped out of college to become a Capitol Hill staffer.  Got hired by a lovely man, a freshman Rep from Illinois while I was in the House Employment office looking to “volunteer” in the Capitol’s Cafeteria, bussing tables, doing dishes, mopping floors.  True story, I was in school down the street, just wanted to be part of the “government”, at 18, I copped a job that paid more than my friends’ starting salaries as school teachers 4 years later.

8. I worked my ass off for another 5 years in the trenches of Gov jobs, working/dating losers (unlike Hillary, bless her heart, she had no clue in the late 60’s, grabbed the lovable nerd, Bill. #Winning.)  I worked harder and smarter, grabbed a war hero.

9. Where am I?  Oh yeah, 1969, and never looked back.

10. My VP Choice is Cripes Suze. My Press Sec, Keith Koffler. My Golf partner, wait, I don’t play golf, is myiq. I’ll keep my husband in my Virginia Beach home and I’ll spend every freaking vacay between VB and Camp David.

11. Vote for Me, Me, Me. !

12.  Thank you for your vote, I won’t let you down 😀


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Happy Pre-Holiday Shopping Week Before Thanksgiving

If you use Amazon, my good friend at White House Dossier has a portal you can use to help support his fabulous blog. He gets a few cents for every order at no extra cost to you. Just use this Link. Thanks !

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Sweet Jeebus Chelsea, STFU…..

To be fair, this is old…Last year or so…..


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Two and a Half Men Ending After 12th Season in 2015

The show should have ended here.

Yes, I was a fan of the *Charlie* years, but the *Kutcher* years seemed to *..explode like a balloon full of meat..*, thankfully, the best years will live on in infamy in syndication.

I think the mistake CBS and Chuck Lorre made in replacing Sheen with Ashton Kutcher was not casting Kutcher as a spawn of Charlie. As we know, Charlie lost his virginity at 14 to the school nurse, so the age difference would have been close. Also, Ashton does resemble Charlie Sheen somewhat. Instead we got a billionaire software nerd washing up on oceanfront deck after a failed suicide attempt to drown himself in the ocean over a failed marriage. A younger version of Charlie could have worked much better. Casting is everything, but scripting is forever.

More tidbits on the Daily Mail. The creators promise lots of surprises in the final season. Maybe they finally saw my pitch was spot on afterall 😀


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So What if Obama Bowed to a Japanese made Robot?

It could have been worse, oy vey, Howard Wolowitz, ouch.

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It Was a Good Run Dave and About Time You Retired

David Letterman announced his retirement today and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like the battered wife who stayed in the marriage too long, like his real wife. But I digress…

Been a long time fan since his morning show in the early 80’s, which was way ahead of it’s time, I was still a rabid liberal then, with a newborn! I grew up, Dave didn’t. Best of luck on your future, with love to you, Harry and Regina.


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Fort Hood Breaking 2.0

How does this keep happening under the Obama Watch ?

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HowIMetYourMother <<<Another Disappointing Finale? Nope!

According to the Twitter feed on #HIMYMFinale celebration last night (3-31), it was more of a mass fan suicide. I disagreed. I was never a rabid follower of the show, but did know the characters and ho-hum. I did watch the finale and thought it was pretty cool. For those of you still trying to slit your wrists with a twizzler, move on with the actors, not the characters…’s a sneak peek…now cherish them.

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A Tale of Two Twitties

I’ll just leave this here…

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