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Torvill and Dean 1984

I rest my case.

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Something you won’t see on Sochi-US media Coverage?

Cr*p, can’t post an image, so here’s a link. Enjoy, while I go back to the drawing board of posting images on WordPress for Idiots…ugh.


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Proof: Blogging is Hard and Dangerous Werk

^^^Dangerous Werk, RIP Andrew^^^

Back in 2008, when I was thrown off liberal blogs for questioning The NEW (cha-cha-cha) Lord and Saviour Obama Presidential candidate, I started this blog. As a political and news junkie, and an old white woman, I was called a racist, sour graper, bitter clinger and stupid. I was never banned, but left the left when I knew I wasn’t wanted. So I sought to cross the desert alone, but I did find welcoming communities of like minds and concerns, and it was good. Here are some of them :

The Crawdad Hole : The Klown Rules, as does his community of the sharpest and most in-the-know recovering Democrats. Or as I’d like to call them, family of like minds. Like sipping on Dewar’s Honey, comforting with some gas.

The White House Dossier : A real life media and White House correspondent with that in-the-know how the suck up press works. Keep it bookmarked for those annoying Official President O’Breezy schedules, speeches and tee times. Keith’s community of commenters are like a comforting tea trolly that rolls by no matter what time zone you’re in.

Last, but not leastus, MOTUS : A free for all snark-fest of the most comforting, in a discomforting political environment, award winning commenters on the intertubes !

The above treasures and my precious blogroll (>>>>over there>>>) make me happy, happy, happy. Please visit and enjoy. I’ll be back soon….


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2014 ~ HappyHappyHappy~ Ya’ll

Since I hold on to old friends and embrace new friends, I’ve found this movie scene a tribute to my quirky New Year’s dilemna. Annoying, but enjoyable, goosebumps. I share….


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Behind the Silly Scenes: Congress Negotiates with a Laughtrack

No, really. This is how it’s all playing out in my head anyhow. Obama and Boehner for all the marbles?

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Federal Shutdown Creates Skateboarders’ Paradise

It’s illegal, but what the hell, the feds are throwing the elderly out their homes, blocking war veterans from visiting their memorials, but let’s turn the city over to the Beavis and Buttheads ! Awesome! Why not open the Smithsonian museums during inclement weather? Bet the kids would love to do what they do down a dinosauer’s back? Yeah!


You can read the Wall Street Journal story and see the slide show here.

But wait, there is this:

If caught by the police, skaters could have their boards impounded and be given a ticket for a $50 fine. Frustrated officers have chased the skaters on motorcycles, ambushed them by arriving en masse from different directions, tackled and handcuffed them.

Good luck with that. The damage done to the lovely and historic stone work, safety railings, fountains and other landscaping features will be paid by We The People.

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The World (sorta) According to Miley

I think Miley Cyrus is a lot smarter (maybe playing dumb like a fox?) than we’ll admit to, or as one tabloid asked: Is Miley really a younger, cuter Andy Kaufman? You decide:


I do remember enjoying “Hannah Montana” with my then 5-something twin granddaughters during this truly adorable Miley phase, which certainly set her apart from the rest of the Princes and Princesses in the Disney Stable:

While looking for that clip I couldn’t believe all the old Hannah Montana shows on YouTube, go look ! Smart as a whip that girl was, yessireee. We’ll see. The real test will be if she avoids the meltdowns (twerking doesn’t count) that affected the Lindsays, Britneys and Amandas. I’m rooting for Miley, it’s up to you Billy Ray and Tish.

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Yep, This Explains Obama’s Foreign Policy

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Michael Hastings: Nothing to see here, move along…


Double explosions ?

All righty then:

A dramatic video showing the fiery single-car crash that killed Michael Hastings has emerged.

The grainy video comes from a surveillance camera outside Pizzeria Mozza on Highland Avenue and Melrose not far from the crash site. Michael Krikorian, a writer and the boyfriend of Mozza’s owner Nancy Silverton, turned the video over to LAPD not long after the crash but he only released the video publicly on his own website yesterday.

Hastings, 33, was driving south on Highland Avenue when he crashed into palm trees in a median on June 18. It’s clear from the video that Hastings’ Mercedes-Benz coupe was going incredibly fast. It’s hard to tell, but it look like his brake lights flicker shortly before the crash. The car bursts into flames almost instantly. The engine was found 200 feet from the scene of the crash.

Before he released it, Krikorian wrote about the video and explores the possibilities of any conspiracy theories for the site (The LAPD ruled that there was no foul play.) He estimates that Hastings was going twice as fast as anyone else in surveillance footage says the brilliant flash is “reminiscent of fireballs from ‘Shock and Awe’ images from Baghdad in 2003.”

Here were some of his frame-by-frame observations about the video:

Highland has a very slight rise and fall at its intersection with Melrose. It’s difficult to tell by the film, but based on tire marks—which were not brake skid marks, by the way—chalked by the traffic investigators, it seems that the Mercedes may have been airborne briefly as it crossed the intersection, then landed hard. Tire marks were left about 10 feet east of the restaurant’s valet stand.

(Later, I drove the intersection at just 45 mph, and my car rose up significantly.)

About 100 feet after the car zooms by on the tape, it starts to swerve. At about 195 feet from the camera, the car jumps the curb of the center median, heading toward a palm tree 56 feet away.

About halfway between the curb and the tree, the car hits a metal protrusion—perhaps 30 inches tall and 2 feet wide—that gives access to city water mains below. This is where the first small flash occurs. This pipe may have damaged the undercarriage of the car, perhaps rupturing a fuel line.

I looked at the tape frame by frame. A second flash immediately follows the first. It might be the brake lights, but it’s hard to tell. The next frame is dark. Then comes the first explosion, followed immediately by a large fireball.

Krikorian said he briefly considered selling the video to TMZ for a cash payout but decided that he would feel sleazy making money off of Hastings’ death.

I’m still upset over this, as well as Andrew Breitbart’s “sudden” death. Both happened in the middle of the night in L.A. Coincidence?

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Yay, Shorter Lines at Florida’s Disney World !

2012 BET Awards - Show

Via HuffPoop

Jay Z, Kanye, Madonna Join Stevie Wonder’s Florida Boycott In Wake Of Zimmerman Verdict (REPORT, UPDATES)

Yeah, that’s the ticket 🙂 Geeesh.


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