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(Video)Scott Adams Gets It….And You Should too. #WalkAway

The #WalkAway Movement Campaign is not about political policy, it’s about the manipulation of the Democratic Party with “fear”.  (You know, those “sky is falling” reactions we’re seeing from the Dem leadership now over Trump’s SCOTUS pick?)

In a nutshell, those conspiracy theorists were right, lol.  The video is about 15 minutes, but it goes fast (and my attention span on YouTube is about 3 minutes max).  I think I’m going to rev up my blog to cover the highlights from the movement.  Brandon’s got about 4 different websites/blogs/FB/Twitter/YouTube going right now.  Use the FB one to read the testimonials, which are awesome, I’m Class of WalkAway 2008, Scott’s video makes so much sense to me now.  The downfall of my beloved (and former) Democratic Party started by “looking outside that bubble”, Boom!




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Once Upon A Time, I Was a Liberal

As a veteran of the PUMAs, then the Tea Party, this new message speaks to me now….


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Miss Barbara

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Could it be….a Miracle, er, Magic ?

Love the Barry of the 70’s.  And yes, it was magic 🙂


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A Freak Like Me…

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He Fights !

This is probably my most favorite Trumpy-Trump post ever 😀

Why I support President Trump and you should too!



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How to Prevent Another *Snowflake* Generation

Put them to work. No snowflakes in the 30’s 😉

10-12…sign them up for YMCA Summer Camp Counselors-In-Training (CIT’s)

13-15…busboys at local restaurants, movie theaters, fast food chains, 14+ with parental permission. Pre-training for for the only professional experience colleges look at…Lifeguard.

16-18…complete and certified Lifeguard training.

19+ Good luck kids !

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