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March On :)

Remember this guy?

Haven’t been this excited since the last Tea Party March on DC in 2009. Stay tuned….


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Future of the Democratic Party?

David Hogg/Emma Gonzalez 2024 ! They grow up so fast 😉

Why, it was just yesterday……


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Support the Police, This Should Convince YOU, right?

This is from last fall, from the Escambia County (Florida,er,Pensacola area) PD, it’s so graphic it’s not available on youtube, well, without registering and verifying you’re over 60, give or take a few decades. Perp didn’t die, recovered from his non-fatal wounds and lived to receive an attempted murder conviction. Here’s a link to the video….

Now here’s the .pdf link to the police report:

It just breaks my heart that these fine LEOs had their lives disrupted for several months while under investigation for doing their jobs. And we never hear about this in the MSM? Why?

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I’m Such A Dorky Fanilow/Strakalov Bot.

This is what happens when you combine Barry Manilow and the #WalkAway movement in your brain. Sweet memories from the 70’s/80’s. Oh, and Reagan was President in 1986. Stay to the end, the “left” still loved America, a celebrity treat, living and dead.


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(Video)Scott Adams Gets It….And You Should too. #WalkAway

The #WalkAway Movement Campaign is not about political policy, it’s about the manipulation of the Democratic Party with “fear”.  (You know, those “sky is falling” reactions we’re seeing from the Dem leadership now over Trump’s SCOTUS pick?)

In a nutshell, those conspiracy theorists were right, lol.  The video is about 15 minutes, but it goes fast (and my attention span on YouTube is about 3 minutes max).  I think I’m going to rev up my blog to cover the highlights from the movement.  Brandon’s got about 4 different websites/blogs/FB/Twitter/YouTube going right now.  Use the FB one to read the testimonials, which are awesome, I’m Class of WalkAway 2008, Scott’s video makes so much sense to me now.  The downfall of my beloved (and former) Democratic Party started by “looking outside that bubble”, Boom!



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Once Upon A Time, I Was a Liberal

As a veteran of the PUMAs, then the Tea Party, this new message speaks to me now….


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Miss Barbara

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