Whew, What a Night ~ Chicago Rally Edition

h/t Dora for finding this tweet. It captured the mood of Trump supporters on social media last night, as well as hundreds of Cruz, Rubio and Kasich supporters switching to Trump as well as the “undecideds” jumping aboard the #TrumpTrain .


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March is a Super Tuesday All Month!

There are 14 (D) and (R) primaries and caucuses between now and the next BIG day on March 15 for the next YUGE delegate grab in FL, IL, MO, NC and OH.

Tonight’s the Fox GOP debate and Mittens is giving a speech or something about How To Win A Presidential Election? Craziest primary season ever, I love it !


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March 1 is Super Tuesday Edition

As of this posting, Trump leads in all the states and the Trump Must Be Destroyed by the establishment parties and their hacks continue. I just don’t understand the Trump Hate.

Yesterday I attended the Regent University forum with The Donald and Pat Robertson. Not a rally, but an adult conversation. Today the media’s click bait take? Trump hints at VP Pick. That was about 30 seconds of the whole interview, and out of context of course.

Spoiler: Trump wants a qualified and GREAT politician to help him ram Congress:) Nothing more, nothing less.

Here’s the CBN video, since most others are heavily edited and left off the surprise intro and appearance of his sons! They are rock stars in their own right😀 Enjoy….


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2/20/16 South Carolina/Nevada Watch Parties

Last thread was getting full, so here’s whassup for the weekend. Saturday Night results should be at this link.


Will update …:)


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Up Next, South Carolina!

We have great boots on the ground for Trump, literally ! Meet Trump’s campaign manager, Nancy Mace…

First female Citadel graduate and former Atlantan Nancy Mace is Donald Trump’s SC Coalitions Director

And we’re off😀


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It’s not an Election, It’s a Revolution


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Because this is not a normal election season. (graphic inspired by votermom!)


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