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Rep. Alan West Schools CAIR Director

Even if you’re not an Alan West fan, you will be after this. Wow, just, wow.

via American Thinker


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A Recovering (mine) Liberal’s Trifecta: Escaping the “Leftist Stupor”

My new hero, Robin of Berkeley, a recovering lib, psychotherapist and lives in Berkeley, California ! Trifecta!! With a huge H/T to Lynn at Newsbird, this great find. We may finally have a hope for changing back 🙂

From Robin’s American Thinker article, Post Traumatic American Syndrome:

Since I woke up from my leftist stupor two years ago, I’ve had many epiphanies. Here’s one: the Left is comprised of two distinct groups, the abusers and the abused. The dynamics are like any abusive relationship.

Similar to a battered spouse, the abusee will put up with terrible treatment because she’s convinced she deserves it. Out here, all the propaganda about social justice leaves citizens drowning in white guilt. They’ll do anything, accept even the unacceptable, in order to do atone themselves.

Berkeley has our very own version of the Stockholm Syndrome, where, out of fear for one’s survival, people come to admire, even love, their abusers. Berkeleyites will passionately defend the very people who abuse them. (“It wasn’t his fault that he robbed and beat me! He’s a victim of white imperialism!”)

I’m a new fan and follower, you should be too ! Please read the whole article, the above was just a snippet, and it was tasty 🙂 The guys on the monkey bars above, ergo, Woodstock ’69? Thanks for the memories, but I grew up 😉


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Golf Cart 1’s “Extremely” High Fuel Mileage

Via Neil Braithwaite at American Thinker

Mr. Braithwaite muses……

On par with the Emperor of Rome, Nero, who fancied playing a little fiddle while his home town burned down, our supreme leader, President Barack Obama, likes to play a little golf while the biggest ecological oil spill disaster in United States history takes place off the Gulf coast of America’s back yard.

Using only averages, as precise measurements may never be known, there has been roughly 115 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf since the BP oil rig explosion.

With the best facts reporting that President Obama has played at least seven rounds of golf since the oil spill began, an estimate of just what kind of fuel mileage Obama is getting from his golf cart would be very enlightening – given that the President pushed really hard for mandatory fuel economy standards for America’s auto industry.

Would you believe our supreme leader’s presidential golf cart is averaging a whopping 912,698 gallons of spilled oil per hole!

And I thought electric vehicles were supposed to help reduce fuel consumption.

Maybe Obama should check the tire air pressure in Golf-Cart 1 to try and improve that dismal mileage before his next round of golf.

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The Rules

h/t Conservative Cave graphic.

In what has to be a really dumb move the Baltimore office of ACORN has sued videographers James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles and publisher Andrew Breitbart, saying that Maryland law forbids the audio taping without the permission of all parties.

Good Luck kids !

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