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Cruising the Bloggy Highways…Don McLean Edition, 6/6/09

I think I’m on to something….there is no MSM/print/otherwise left, just us. So here’s stuff you may have missed……rounding up for a Saturday, caution, you’re entering the “whatever” zone 🙂

Cannonfire defends Obama. Whoa. There is no place for hate.

As a Broadway Nut, I totally get this bailout analogy….if an under-performing play wasn’t thrown out of it’s theater, there would have never been Phantom of the Opera. You decide, because I think GM will be more like Amtrak, than Broadway.

If you need the answer to why “Conservatives are so mean”….you need to wallow over to PJTV Klavan rawks!

Mediabistro tells us why The Media Died which blames Madison Ave more than the content of the media. Still a good ride if you can get through the “Don McLean” chorus.

Oh, kudos to Mediabistro for pointing out that Fox News Channel was the only cable news network to cover the D-Day memorial *live, uninterupted and on HD* today. Never could understand why the lefties hate this channel so 😦

The Daily Beast, sigh, GM will be another Amtrak ? Gawd, I hope not !

Reason explains why Billo is not responsible for Tiller’s murder Good read, even though I already knew it.

Count Us Out asks “Ten Questions For Everyone Who Supported Obama”. Definitely cyberfood for thought !

So, just how “Brilliant is Obama”? You can decide over at The Confluence and this remarkable study Cough.

Stray Dawg reminds Obama about women who cover their heads. Ooops 🙂

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As Greta would say “What do you think?”…amazing story about Greta!

So, buried in the gossipy Washington Whispers section of US News and World Reports I see this heartwarming story. It could have easily read “Fox News Saves Air America’s Life”. So it must not be true? Enjoy….because it has a happy ending 🙂

Greta Van Susteren Saves Ana Marie Cox’s Life
May 15, 2009 04:57 PM ET | Paul Bedard, Nikki Schwab
By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

Although CNN’s Sanjay Gupta rejected his offer of the surgeon general’s job, President Obama shouldn’t give up looking at TV news personalities for inspiration. May we suggest Fox’s Greta Van Susteren? She doesn’t play a doctor on TV, but she recently did in real life, potentially saving the life of Washington blogger and Air America Radio host Ana Marie Cox.

Cox, sitting alone, and Van Susteren, with her hubby, John Coale, were aboard a New York-to-Washington Amtrak train last month when Cox suddenly fell ill, her throat tightening from an allergic reaction. “They have this lentil salad on the train, and it happened almost immediately after that,” recalled Cox, who is not sure what caused the “indescribably terrifying” attack.

Alarmed, Van Susteren’s husband nudged Greta, who moved in on Cox. “She was like ‘I think I know what is happening to you. Don’t worry about it. We’re going to get you a Benadryl,’ ” Cox remembered a calming Van Susteren saying. A food allergy sufferer herself, Greta was ready with a backup plan: She carries an EpiPen epinephrine shot for her own emergencies. “If she hadn’t been there, I don’t know what would have happened. It would have been a thousand times worse,” says Cox.

The two didn’t see each other afterward until last weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, when the star of On the Record With Greta Van Susteren and the host of Air America’s The Inside Story bumped into each other in the ladies’ room. Cox offered a very sincere “thank you for saving my life.” Later, Van Susteren told us, “I didn’t do anything heroic. I did what anyone would have done.” And she had a suggestion for Amtrak: Keep Benadryl onboard.

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