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Two and a Half Men Ending After 12th Season in 2015

The show should have ended here.

Yes, I was a fan of the *Charlie* years, but the *Kutcher* years seemed to *..explode like a balloon full of meat..*, thankfully, the best years will live on in infamy in syndication.

I think the mistake CBS and Chuck Lorre made in replacing Sheen with Ashton Kutcher was not casting Kutcher as a spawn of Charlie. As we know, Charlie lost his virginity at 14 to the school nurse, so the age difference would have been close. Also, Ashton does resemble Charlie Sheen somewhat. Instead we got a billionaire software nerd washing up on oceanfront deck after a failed suicide attempt to drown himself in the ocean over a failed marriage. A younger version of Charlie could have worked much better. Casting is everything, but scripting is forever.

More tidbits on the Daily Mail. The creators promise lots of surprises in the final season. Maybe they finally saw my pitch was spot on afterall 😀


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“Smart is Sexy…Everything Else is Just Crap” ~ Ashton Kutcher

Share with all the teens in your life ! Snipped from The Blaze:

It’s fairly safe to say that viewers don’t tune in to the Teen Choice Awards in hopes of hearing incredibly insightful advice about the importance hard work, perseverance and dreaming big — but that’s exactly what they got from Ashton Kutcher this year.

Read more highlights from the speech here


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Minorities as defined by the MSM.

If Ms. Warren can claim 1/32 Native American for special perks, then look for my new reality show pitch idea….Great-Granddaughter of a Sicilian Mob Boss and Irish Potato Famine Survivor. Lucky me, got the Italian nose and Irish complexion.

Via the awesomey awesome iOwnTheWorld

I have no problem with Ashton Kutcher either. Afterall, SNL has white/pick your minority/Americans playing the Obamas !

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