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Bill Maher: Ha, ha, not funny you a**hole

Is misogyny only allowed on the lefty comedy tours and/or HBO?

H/T Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey


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Bill Maher: “Obama – All Style, No Substance”

Well if the pigs aren’t flying over a frozen hell, this comes pretty close !

YouTuber Zenophobius posts with the video:

I was all for Obama because ANYTHING was preferable to BUSH but there’s one thing that always seemed to gnaw at me – and that’s Obama always seemed a little too smug and full of himself, as if he already bought into his own legend as the Savior of America. Well now it’s time to put up or shut up. Maher once again, is spot on.

As this is the video version of Maher’s L.A. Times OpEd , reading it is almost as fun, though the reaction of the audience in the clip, priceless.

Is it okay to laugh at Obama now ? I sure hope so.

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The Bill and Ann Show – Smackdown on Broadway


Perhaps nothing divides left and right more than Ann Coulter and Bill Maher, but when you’re in the center, they’re both quite enjoyable! Even when you don’t often agree with them.

Now on the road with the 2009 Speakers Series – Live and Uncensored it’s definitely a rock show/sporting event for political junkies. Having attended Clash of the Titans, I highly recommend catching one of these events in person. No soundbytes, No editing, No bull!

I especially enjoyed Michael Colderone’s Politico play-by-play of their recent debate at the Radio City Music Hall in NYC. It was definitely a “home team” advantage for Bill, but Colderone also noted Ann “was no shrinking violet”.

Some of the highlights from the article:

Ann at bat…

“Overnight, the media went from being watchdogs for the people to guard dogs for the government. That’s with the exception of Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, who are lapdogs of the government,” she said.

“Time magazine got the ball rolling by comparing Obama to Jesus Christ,” Coulter said moments later. “So I lost a bet: They do know who Jesus Christ is.”

Coulter riffed on the media’s comparisons of Obama not only to Jesus, but also to Lincoln, asking: “Did Lincoln do blow mostly in high school or did he wait until college?”

Bill’s up…

To start off, George Bush did a lot more blow than Obama ever did,” Maher said. “Please don’t ruin the only thing I like about him.”

Maher, the host of HBO’s “Real Time,” aimed at the other side — such as congressional Republican indignation about debt.

“Who put two wars on a credit card?” Maher asked. “There is this debt because George Bush spent money like a pimp with a week to live.”

However, they both agreed on one thing….

But even the two political opposites had something in common — that is, in addition to enjoying talking in front of a big audience and getting publicity.

At one point, Halperin (moderator) asked if the debaters thought Obama regretted any of Obama’s personnel appointments.

Maher said he regrets Obama’s choice of Geithner, because, he said, the treasury secretary “sounds like he’s sh–ting in his pants.”

“Do you think he inspires confidence, or you more in the pants thing?” Halperin asked Coulter.

“No, I agree with Bill 100 percent on this,” she said.

“We’ve reached consensus here,” Halperin declared. “You both think Tim Geithner’s doing a bad job. If you were Tim Geithner, and heard that Bill Maher and Ann Coulter both thought you were doing a bad job, would you say, ‘Oh good’ or ‘That’s a bad thing’?”

And on that, there was one more point of agreement: Both Maher and Coulter said that a Cabinet secretary wouldn’t want their support.


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