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Meet the Anti-Sharpton, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate (VA)

Another Tea Party Un-hyphenated American favorite who knocked my socks off with a rally speech a couple of years ago in Norfolk, Va. I think O’Reilly tapped into that the other night. Jackson reminds me of the Bill Cosby speech that got him into trouble with the NAACP, “Whitey didn’t put you in jail, robbing the 7-11 did”

More information on the Jackson4Va campaign. I’m hoping Sarah Palin will endorse him before the Virginia GOP primary against George “Macaca” Allen. Her magic wand seems to be working pretty good during primary season thus far 🙂 Winner goes up against Dem Tim “lips firmly attached to Obama’s ass” Kaine (and former DNC chair, while he was Gov of Virginia!!!!!!!!!)

Here’s that speech from April 2010:

Nothing’s changed.

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Run Donald Run, “It’s the Cajones Stupid”

Call me crazy, well, I am on the 12-step program as a recovering liberal and still have the shakes from kool-aid withdrawl. Sipping tea helps, but still crave a little spine…..and cajones. And Donald, you have BIG ones. I like that in a leader and protector, probably why I married a Marine 42 years ago. Mama Grizzlies have them too. Unfortunately, the left and their lapdog media has an adversion to ballsy truth tellers. Ask Glenn Beck 🙂

I did enjoy this interview with Billo, not many people can out-O’Reilly O’Reilly. He should be your running mate, because nobody should run our country who doesn’t love her. While Bill likes to play Devil’s Advocate, his body language was bursting in agreement, most fun 10 minutes I’ve spent online in a long time. Run, Donald, please. I’m so sick of politicians.

Post inspired by my own comment at Newsbird 😉

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