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Charles Krauthammer: “Leave Bar-r-rack Alone!”

I love this man, but…..wait, what?

Stop complaining about the cost of Obama’s trip to India; it’s worth every penny

via wonkette

….and stop grousing about the cost of his Asia trip.

As a now recovering-dribbling-foaming-at-the-mouth-clueless-of-truth-and-facts liberal, I always liked Charles’ opinions, he never talked down to me and I always learned a conservative point or two that “my team” was missing. Though my grousing habits are hard to shake from my blonde bimbo daze, I’ll try and do better….like ABC and CBS.

Or El WaPo.

However, there is still Michelle, so I grouse from the center-right these days 🙂


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Does Charles Krauthammer have a better health plan idea?


Well, does he?

Just two: radical tort reform and radically severing the link between health insurance and employment.

After reading Mr. Krauthammer’s article, I realized why the town hall supporters are so angry, thus demonized in the worse possible ways by the very leadership we’re supposed to trust to force Obamacare on us? Nah.

Mr. Obama, stop campaigning and listen to the people, expecially Charles Krauthammer.

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