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Phffft, Of Course Globalgoregeddon is a Hoax…Those g.d. Green Fakers

Smooches and a h/t to Team iOwntheworld

It’s the hypocrisy stupid. Those making gazillions off of fear mongering us into the “2012” scenario of the End is Near, are laughing all the way to the bank, and the MSM, once again, rolls over. AP assigning 11 fact checkers for Sarah Palin is proof of that !

Our President, who only leads to appease his donor base, here and abroad, tells us to conserve energy, sacrifice comfort and save precious fossil fuel by staying home. In the meantime, he cranks up the heat in the WH so he can go jacketless, takes his wife on a “date” to Broadway, takes a 12 car motorcade to go out for ice cream and buzzes NYC with Air Force One and a fighter jet for a Kodak moment.

Oh, I’ll still recycle and hug trees and bunnies, go meatless two days a week (sidebar: if we all did that, we can shut down factory farms and be healthier!), but dammit, those curly lightbulbs will kill us all off anyhow ! Can we have a little common sense here ? Yes. We. Can.


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