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Why does Ashley Judd hate caribou?

Bagging a celebutard tag here. I love typing celebutard as much as I love wolves too Ms. Judd-without-a-clue. And since your story won’t go away (Google/People/glossies hate Sarah Palin as much as you and Defenders of Wildlife do, but they make more money, d’oh). Disclaimer, I’m a bunny and tree hugging advocate too, but unlike you, I do it for free. I guess that makes me a real compassionate earth loving Bambi hugging dork. Anyhoo…

For one thing, Alaska isn’t Hollyweird. And another thing, you didn’t do your homework, so you may want to fire your PR guy. But I digress, here, Ms. Judd are my suggestions for your next round of compassion:

Millions of Red Winged Blackbirds killed every year to save BIRD SEED crops!

Cormorants slaughtered to protect FISH FARMS !

Millibrazillions more of Canada Goose eggs will be squished or sprayed to save human lives on airliners and so golfers can enjoy their Sunday rounds once again.

All are perfectly legal actions. You owe Governor Palin an apology. Not because you disagree with her, but because you’re part of the problem, not the solution.


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