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I’m Pro-Choice, But Not Pro-Stupid

Reason #285764 I’m a former Democrat, teh stupids over at Daily Kos. Newsbusters’ found a post The Fetus is a Parasite over there. The link is to NB, I won’t send Dkos traffic, but the link is at the link, bring your barf bag if you choose to clickit.

On the other hand, we can celebrate compassion and parental love:

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Palin Democrat – The VIDEO about Sarah and Disenfranchised Democrats

LauraVW writes:

Why disenfranchised Democrats are moving to Sarah Palin for President in 2012: DNC elitism (when equality is supposedly the mission); fiscal irresponsibility; postering instead of defending Israel; embracing socialist doctrine (hey, we’re Americans); weakening American defense; DNC abandonment of working-class Americans (was our core constituency). Song is “True Green” by Annie Rapid.

H/T to Freethinker at Hillary’s Village

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