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2nd Annual Blogho Holiday Movie Yuletubapalooza

Anyone can make a favorites list, not everyone makes it move 🙂 Scroll to the end for a special appearance by Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin

Fred Claus is Vince Vaughn who brings the magical Santa tale into the 21st century with the delish Kevin Spacey as a modern corporate downsizing Scrooge. Oh, and family dysfunction, one of my favorite holiday themes:

The Family Stone trailer with the best scenes. Not sure why I’ve added this, though love the actors, confused by their characters, and not quite sure if was comedy or drama, but somehow found it entertaining, much like my own family:

From last year’s favorites:

All aboard the Polar Express, which is best viewed drinking hot! hot! hot chocolate:

….than let Clark Griswold light up your world:

….and Buddy the Elf moments to giggle over:

Put the kids to bed, here’s Bad Santa, and the only “clean” version is the trailer:

…..and the Boogeymen with the Wooden Soldiers saving the day! All thanks to a screw up by Laurel and Hardy for making 100-6ft soldiers instead of the 600-1ft soldiers Santa ordered (1934 movie trailer as Babes in Toyland):

…..and the soon to be classic iOWNTHEWORLD’s 2009 updated version:



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