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Obama Wonka White House cancels tour for 100 kindergarteners, no Golden Tickets!


As the mom of 3 former kindergartners, and currently, grandma of twin kindergarteners, I’m going to try to keep my outrage in prospective. Though, I have to wonder why a WH Tour is on a kindergarten field trip calendar? Were they invited? Afterall, one of FLOTUS’s pet causes is her concern for military families, and Stafford County is pretty much a Quantico Marine Base suburb and the National Zoo would have been so much cooler for the kids. But, the damage is done, as are the damaging Obama headlines. American blood follows, not everything in DC can run on time, but it doesn’t have to be so freaking disappointing !

I like the UK’s Daily Mail headline better:

Sobbing five-year-olds snubbed at White House because they were late to see Obama

Stafford, Va to DC is normally a 30 minute shoot into the District, at least when I used to live there before I-95 and beltways, too many years ago. Now, even with high tech highways, I’m sure it’s much longer. One fender bender or a 200 yard lane repair closure could make it even longer. Sometimes days 🙂

The sketchy WH Said-Parents Said details are at the link, but I’ll choose sides with kindergarteners, it’s a no brainer because Steelers fans vote, right?

Not everybody in DC are assholes, like the buffoon staffers at the WH, and I think the staffer who made this “executive decision” should join his cube-rat-mate who made the AF1 Photo-Op decision on the unemployment line. But I digress.

A couple of years ago my husband set up a reunion and tour of The National Vietnam Memorial Wall for his Vietnam company, some who were physically and PTSD challenged. Unfortunately the tour bus company he hired went bankrupt….the day of the scheduled tour. Oh, and they found out when the buses didn’t show up! You can say they were stranded in Fredericksburg and up the river without a paddle. Long story short and thanks to the wonderful staff at the Country Inn buses were sent down from the DC area to pick them up and get them to The Wall. Which took another 2 hours because it put them in rush hour traffic. Okay, by this time they were about 6 hours late for their Official Tour with the National Parks volunteer who was to give them the VIP treatment they give all Vietnam veteran groups. She was there to greet them. Not only that, the “Rescue Tour Bus Company” (and I’m sorry I don’t remember the name) made an unscheduled stop at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington on the way back to reunion hotel in Fredericksburg.

Hey kids, Welcome to the Obama Wonka White House Tour:

….if you’re lucky !


Stafford School System’s Response Statement regarding Conway Elementary School’s Visit to White House:

Stafford County Public Schools and Conway Elementary School appreciate the efforts of the White House staff on behalf of the kindergarten field trip to the White House yesterday (May 21). The kindergarten teachers and school staff planned the outing and knew ahead of time that if the group arrived late, they would not be able to tour the White House. The school’s White House contact and the White House staff made every effort to accommodate the visit and extended the arrival time as long as they possibly could.

The school principal, Roxie Cooper, and the kindergarten teachers made adjustments in the educational components of the trip and took the opportunity to teach the children about life’s disappointments. The classes discussed that sometimes in life things do not go as planned and we make adjustments. “Even though the schedule changed, the learning continued,” said School principal, Roxie Cooper.

“We commend our kindergarten students and the many chaperones that showed resilience and positive attitudes,” continued Ms. Cooper. The White House has been in contact with the school administration regarding the possibility of rescheduling the tour and has been extremely supportive of the Conway Cougars visit.

– Valerie Cottongim, Public Information Officer

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