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The Sad Taxpayer Money Story of Green Energy Failures

Below the graphic is a chart listing the green companies that have gone or going belly up. Why are no venture capitalists (like the evil Romney or Koch Brothers) rescuing them? Why isn’t Soros, or Gore, or any other gazillionaires on the left? Why is Congress so complacent allowing these boondoggles to go on ? What is that black helicopter doing flying over my house ?

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So, How GREEN Was Your Earth Day ?

Hmmmm? Hmmmm? Hmmmm? Well, maybe not this green, but more snarkilicious details over at MOTUS, Queen of All Things Green and Other Color Pops

Now here in the ole’hometown, we do have an annual Ode to Garbage held at this beautiful park built on a mountain of garbage. Of course, all events were cancelled today due to historic Gore-bal Warming monsoon rain conditions. It’s almost as though Mother Earth did this on purpose….stay inside, leave me alone!

Mount Trashmore, Virginia Beach, VA
via VaBeach.gov

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