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Olympic Uniforms Should Have Been Approved by Fashion Icon(tm) First Lady?

It’s a non-issue, despite Harry Reid’s faux angst. I was just assuming they put Fashion Icon Michelle Obama in charge of the design? Afterall, we’re paying for her trip to represent the USA.


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Reid Supporters’ Egg Toss & Andrew Breitbart

via iOWNTHEWORLD who ask “Will this video make it on MSNBC, ABC, CNN? nope.”

Supporters of Democrat Senator Harry Reid throw eggs at the Tea Party Express bus and threaten to attack Andrew Breitbart.

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Harry Reid CAN be sent packing in 2010 ! Support Sue Lowden!

No offense Harry, I never did like you and your union thugs back in Nevada, and I especially hate that you lead the Senate with a lack of cajones and spine. You are now helping our country circle the drain for political payback. Had enough?

Meet Sue Lowden:

…..and she’s spanking Harry Reid nine ways to Christmas !


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