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The Hillary rEVOLUTIONaries Rising ! And that’s a good thing…..

….because evolution requires tests,challenges and survival skills of the fittest against the elements, like a freakin’ forum shutting down after you’ve become addicted to it’s tasty morsels of information and comraderie in Obama’s..gasp…World running amuck. Enough of the drama, where are we now?

We’re okay, really. Alessandro Machi turned over her Daily Puma to the HV refugees for some cyber bloodsporting. (thankyouthankyou!) Fabulous discussion and I have visited every new and regrouped site, signed up for a couple, I may sign up for more.

Though the biggest surprise, and the object of some slings and arrows from my fellow hillaries, is Stealth Fusion and, IMHO, the best thing going so far for the HV refugees. Only because they have welcomed all….check it out….Post your blog here So far….register and add yours 🙂

List of Already Submitted sites
Note: Some of these sites ppl may or may not want to visit,
but we’re listing them here as an option.
Options are listed alphabetically.

http://www.commongroundpolitics.net/discussion – Common Ground Politics
http://govpalin.activeboard.com/ – Gov Palin
http://www.hillaryvillagers.net – Hillary Villagers
http://hillarysworld.activeboard.com/ – Hillary’s World
http://www.partyfreeparty.com – Party Free Party
http://secretaryclinton.wordpress.com/ Secretary Clinton
http://s1.zetaboards.com/Women_in_Politics/index/ – Women in Politics

http://adugan-billclintonblog.blogspot.com/ – Bill Clinton blog
https://bloghopenchangery.wordpress.com/ – Hope and Changery blog
http://secretaryclinton.wordpress.com/ – Secretary Clinton blog

So where was I ? Yeah, we’re all on the same team. Soooo, let’s work smarter not harder :))) Here’s an inspiration ‘tube (H/T C4P):

Feel better? I do 🙂


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What happened to Hillary’s Village Forum ?


Hoping someone will see this and ‘splain to Lucy where one of my favorite hangouts disappeared to ? I was out-of-town, so I missed the clues? I miss my HV friends 😦

For those of you who like the community/message board format, please visit one of my other favorite hangouts, Women in Politics

Women are complex and seldom are defined by a political party’s doctrine or dogma. We may lean left or right or be in the center on different issues, all at the same time. We have power in pooling our resources and working together, celebrating what we have in common instead of being exploited and divided by our differences. We can all learn from each other, I look forward to learning from your viewpoint.

A few bloggers that appear on Daily Puma post there, so it’s definitely a friendly place for people of like minds without a party, gag on kool aid and who now hope for change! C’ya at the WIP 🙂


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Palin Democrat – The VIDEO about Sarah and Disenfranchised Democrats

LauraVW writes:

Why disenfranchised Democrats are moving to Sarah Palin for President in 2012: DNC elitism (when equality is supposedly the mission); fiscal irresponsibility; postering instead of defending Israel; embracing socialist doctrine (hey, we’re Americans); weakening American defense; DNC abandonment of working-class Americans (was our core constituency). Song is “True Green” by Annie Rapid.

H/T to Freethinker at Hillary’s Village

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Cruising the Bloggy Highway – Billy Elliot/Sportobama Edition – 06.08.09

Great show last night, I’m a Broadway junkie …. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

But not as AWESOME as O’this, riiiiiight 🙂

Alegre from the Corner does notice President Smartypants doesn’t always make the right choices, especially his pick for a post at HHS. Not only is the lady pro-life, she’s anti-shudder-contraception and thinks that using contraception is IMMORAL. WTG Pro-Choice Prez !

AOL’s Black Voices community defends the rights of Black Princesses and little girls everywhere to have positive role models no matter what their As Seen On TV Bare Minerals skin tone is. Great message and an even greater peek at the new movie here.

Pigs are flying over at The Daily Beast ! Matthew Yglesias says the President is “All Talk and No Action”

…..AND Christopher Buckley says “Joe Scarborough can save the GOP” ! I agree, I’ve like Joe even during my knee-jerk liberal daze.

It’s Official, Cindy Sheehan HATES everybody.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air reminds us to pay very close attention to the NEW Obamacare scam proposal. Ya better….the national healthcare insurance industry is way too supportive.

Oh, and back in the Obama’s U.S. homeland, Chicago, the Sun-Times reports an investigation possibly into FLOTUS’s not so nice position…when she was a successful professional….throwing poor people out of her upscale hospital. They report….you decide 🙂

And a warm-fuzzy-shout-out-back-atcha Hillary’s Village for letting me hijack your community to live blog the Tony Awards last night, and the media alert reference to my bloggy. All is good in my world !

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Air Force One – 329k, Photoshop – $15, O’Irony – Priceless

Real or a Photoshop?

Courtesy NRO

Courtesy NRO

NRO’s Mark Hemingway gives us the answer:

This reader writes, “I am a graphic designer in Southern California. I spent ten minutes throwing this together this morning, which at my rates equals about 15 dollars. However, I will settle for the thanks of a grateful nation.”

and this gem, a missed campaign opportunity?

Courtesy NRO

Courtesy NRO

Over at Hillary’s Village, a more “serious” turn:

h/t Free Republic

h/t Free Republic

Hot Air brings us up-to-date on the sheer stupidity, cost and dumbasses behind the “training mission”, also noting:

The cost of this debacle, by the way? Just shy of $329,000. Think of it as a stimulus: The amount of booze, smokes, and anti-anxiety meds alone that New Yorkers must have consumed in the aftermath of this mass panic attack was probably worth $10-20 mil to the city.

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Mt. Redoubt Erupts and HV forum members “are there”.

Thar she blows……as expected !

Webcam image from March 23, 2009. Courtesy AVO/USGS

Webcam image from March 23, 2009. Courtesy AVO/USGS

Great updates now appearing at Hillary’s Village with photos, webcams, videos and charts. They have been tracking Redoubt since her first January rumbles. Fascinating stuff and great discussions.

Also, you can check in directly with the Alaska Volcano Observatory for real time updates and other useful information, especially if you live near the ash range. Stay safe out there!

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